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5 Self-Love Rituals

Feeling overwhelmed and overworked? Perhaps you're in need of a little bit of self-love. 

Have you noticed how babies and young children are often soothed by routine? In a world that can feel overwhelming and overstimulating they can be calmed by certainty and familiarity.

Are we as adults all that different? Don't we also find comfort in the 'routine' parts of our lives: the familiar celebrations, our weekend habits, morning walks with the dog or slipping into comfy clothes or pyjamas and escaping into a novel before 'lights off'...? 

Self-love activities like these become the guideposts in our day.

Perhaps without even realising it, by regularly doing comforting, familiar things, you've already created a set of healthy rituals that help you self-soothe. And if you're feeling anxious or overstimulated —or if you feel yourself reaching for unresourceful ways to combat the uncertainty and pressure in your life—you can use self-love rituals to take even greater care of your wellbeing and emotional health.

5 Self-love rituals to try today

1. Burn the candles

There's something endlessly relaxing about watching the slow flicker of a burning candle. Light one over dinner, or have one burning in the evening as you unwind. Spend some time breathing the scent, watching the flame, and connecting to the idea that progress can be slow and perfect.

2. Play the music

With so many free music streaming sites available, it's never been easier to discover new music. Make a ritual of exploring the songs that touch your heart. Rediscover your old musical loves. You can even select your music by 'mood'! And what an opportunity this is to DANCE! Slow, sensual movements are best to calm and ground you.

3. Use the best china and linen

Do you have a cupboard containing the 'precious' glasses and crockery, which you tend only to bring out for special guests? Is there a certain set of sheets for the guest bedroom? Self-soothing and self-love is all about making yourself FEEL good, and you can do that by allowing yourself the everyday indulgence of using the 'good' china for no reason other than you deserve it. Whether it's an antique tea-cup and saucer or a crystal glass, bring the magic of 'special occasion precious' into your life daily.

4. Explore your home town

Another wonderful self-love activity is to immerse yourself in wonder and beauty. Whether it's on foot or a bike, or at night, or with a camera, or through restaurants, there are so many delights to be found close to home. Make a project out of playing 'tourist' in your home town. Fall in love with all the nooks and crannies in your environment and take yourself on 'mini adventures' that add up to a greater love for, and sense of comfort in where you live. 

5. Be grateful

The single greatest path to calm, confidence and peace is through gratitude. Make a practice of recording what you're thankful for, regularly, and watch how an attitude of optimism, appreciation and love unfolds. Nothing is too small or fleeting or seemingly inconsequential to add something lovely to your life. The more you notice and honour the good around you, the more you'll receive...

We'd love to know about the self-love rituals that form the scaffolding in your life. Join the conversation on Facebook? Perhaps we can find inspiration from each other...

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