Seductive Love Letters

Some of the most seductive love letters in history are the passionate love letters written by John Keats to his beloved, Fanny in the 1800s. Please enjoy these extracts with me...

The Famous Love Letters of John Keats

Love Letter

"For myself, I know not how to express my devotion to so fair a form. I want a brighter word than bright, a fairer word than fair. I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but 3 summer days - 3 such days with you I could fill with more delight than 50 common years could ever contain." ~John Keats in a Love Letter to Fanny Brawne July 3, 1819

"Ask yourself my love whether you re not very cruel to have so entrammelled me, so destroyed my freedom. Will you confess this in the Letter you must write immediately & do all you can to console me in it- make it rich as a draught of poppies to intoxicate me- write the softest words & kiss them that I may at least touch my lips where yours have been." -John Keats in a Love Letter to Fanny Brawne July 3. 1819 See More

"Your letter gave me more delight than any thing in the world but yourself could do; indeed I am almost astonished that any absent one should have that luxurious power over my senses which I feel. Even when I am not thinking of you I receive your influence and a tenderer nature stealing upon me. All my thoughts, my unhappiest days & nights, have I find not at all cured me of my love of Beauty, but made it so intense that I am miserable that you are not with me: or rather breathe in that dull sort of patience that cannot be called Life." ~John Keats in a Love Letter to Fanny Brawne July 8. 1819

"I never knew before, what such a love as you have made me feel, was: I did not believe in it: my Fancy was afraid of it, lest it burn me up. But if you will fully love me, though there may be some fire, 'twill not be more than we can bear when moistened & bedewed with Pleasures." ~John Keats in a Love Letter to Fanny Brawne July 8, 1819

"I Love you the more in that I believe you have liked me for my own sake and for nothing else. I have met with women whom I really think would like to be married to a Poem and to be given away by a Novel." ~ John Keats in a Love Letter to Fanny Brawne in July 8, 1819

"You cannot conceive how I ache to be with you: how I would die for one hour- for what is in the world? I say you cannot conceive; it is impossible you should look with such eyes upon me as I have upon you: it cannot be. Forgive me if I wander a little this evening, for I have been all day employ'd in a very abstra...ct Poem and I am in deep love with you - 2 things which must excuse me. I have, believe me, not been an age in letting you take possession of me; the very 1st week I knew you I wrote myself your vassal; but burnt the Letter as the very next time I saw you I thought you manifested some dislike to me. If you should ever feel for Man at the 1st sight what I did for you, I am lost." ~John Keats in a Love Letter to Fanny Brawne July 27, 1819

"I have been astonished that men could die Martyrs for religion - I have shudder'd at it. I shudder no more - I could be a martyr for my Religion - Love is my religion - I could die for that. I could die for you. My Creed is Love and you are its only tenet. You have ravish'd me away by a Power I cannot resist; and ...yet I could resist till I saw you and even since I have seen you I have endeavored often 'to reason against the reasons of my Love.' I can do that no more - the pain would be too great. My love is selfish. I cannot breathe without you. Yours forever, John Keats" ~ in a Love Letter to his beloved, Fanny October 13, 1819.

"To see those eyes I prize above mine own Dart favors on another- And those sweet lips (yielding immortal nectar) Be gently press'd by any buy myself - Think, think Francesca, what a cursed thing ...It would be beyond expression!" ~from the Love Letters of John Keats to Fanny Brawne in 1819

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