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Scorpio Love

Scorpio, you’re a complex individual and exude an irresistible energy. Your emotions run deep and relationships are extremely important to you. You also need a fair amount of space. Balancing togetherness and privacy can be a challenge, so you need a partner who is sensitive to your needs. You are at your happiest when your lover provides the sensual and emotional intimacy that you crave without crowding you.

Others often view you as cold, aloof and insensitive, but it’s more that you don’t know how to express your feelings – even though you feel them intensely.

You would love to share your life with someone who is willing to ride the roller-coaster of an adventurous life with you. You need someone who is strong enough to handle your tempestuous lifestyle.

Once you’ve fallen in love, you don’t let go easily. You’ll do whatever it takes to win a love interest’s heart and to keep them by your side. You have a tendency to view your partner as a possession, but at the same time you give all of you to the person you love and expect the same in return.

You can be very moody, which creates a barrier to satisfaction in romance and marriage. When you’re upset, you tend to shut down and withdraw to a point of being completely distant. Try at all costs to keep communication channels open to ensure a fulfilling relationship.

The Water and Earth signs of the zodiac are good love matches for you, especially Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn. These people will be able to deal with your moods better than others. Taurus is also an appropriate match to balance out some of the more destructive aspects of your personality.

Scorpios of both sexes are great home-makers. You have a natural affinity for family love and children and you’re a wonderful supporter of those you take under your wing.

As long as you keep your jealousy in check, you can have a wonderful romantic and passionate life.

’By balancing your moodiness and possessiveness with sensitivity and affection, you can have a tremendously fulfilling and passionate love life.’

Tips for the Scorpio Relationship

• Don’t shy away from self-exploration. If you don’t understand yourself, how can you expect a lover to understand all your complexities?

• Take the time to communicate to your partner that your silence can be a way of acknowledging them as much as touching, kissing or gifts.

• Your possessiveness can easily push a lover away from you. Be careful not to smother them and learn to control the intensity of your deep emotions and moodiness.

• If you use your silence as a form of punishment, you’ll realise that it only serves to punish yourself as well, because you lose the interaction that is so important to you.

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