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Sagittarius Love

Sagittarius, love is a romantic adventure for you. You have a great time exploring and enjoying relationships – as long as there is a good balance between freedom and a sense of security. You easily share your feelings, and you prefer a partner who stimulates and amuses you. You want to feel that you’re wanted and that they enjoy being with you. You are at your happiest touching and cuddling.

True romance only stands a chance to blossom if you and your lover have a steadfast intellectual compatibility. You will find it hard to commit to a partner who smothers you with possessiveness or jealousy. The best match for you is someone who understands how much your freedom means to you.

You are a charming individual and people are naturally attracted to you. You are open and honest and don’t have a need to hide behind a mask. You want your lover to recognize and validate your magnetic allure. You don’t enjoy silly mind games and won’t tolerate any attempts to control you. Once the trust is gone in your relationship, you’ll soon be looking elsewhere for love.

It might take more than a few relationships before you find your soulmate. You want a lover who is elegant and stylish, and who will join you in expressing a classy side of life.

You’re naturally amorous in nature and you view passion as an essential ingredient to keep you satisfied. Fire signs are inherently energetic and creative, so choose someone who will share in your enthusiasm for life. Sport and play are as essential for you in romance as they are in life.

In terms of compatibility, keep an eye out for people born under the sign of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius to provide you with the mental stimulation you need.

Once you settle down and commit yourself to a relationship, you will give your all to your lover. Your loyalty is a great platform to start building a close-knitted family. Your marriage will be rewarding if you and your partner create an active domestic life, and social encounters that are packed with fun.

’You’re a spontaneous and optimistic adventurer who loves to explore romance without being tied down.’

Tips for Sagittarius Relationships

• Be careful that your search for passion doesn’t over-stimulate you so much that you miss out on emotional fulfilment.

• Make sure to look beyond what a person can offer sexually when you choose a partner for life.

• Always remember to support your partner as enthusiastically in their endeavours as you expect them to champion for yours.

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