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Sagittarius Romance in 2011

Sagittarius Love Horoscope This year, take time to enjoy the moment as earthy influences help you focus on the sensual side of life.

Love Goddess Venus romances your sign twice, from January 9 to February 5, and again from November 3 to 27. Make use of this time to take a closer look at your self-image and work on improving your self-worth. Treat yourself to a bit of pampering, accept your unique beauty and as you grow more self-confident in who you are, your romantic relationships will flourish too. Venus also adds luck in love and helps you to be more generous with loved ones. You’ll find yourself more willing to compromise, which makes it easier to find common ground.

Cheeky Mercury gifts you with a light-hearted love vibe from June 3 to 17. Influences from the world of art create great discussions in your intimate relationships, so be on the look out for interesting talks, events, movies and books. You’re more open to sharing things that you normally keep to yourself, which creates a special bond of closeness in your partnerships. It’s a great time to explore your softer side as music and the esoteric grab your interest.

Teamwork is the key to your close relationships, but be prepared to take the lead. Significant others are happy to follow your advice where partnership decisions are involved. Be proactive about creating positive growth in love and romance, regardless of your relationship status. If you’re attached, take the time and energy to rekindle passion. One way of doing this is to share your passions and interests outside the bedroom. If you’re single, Mars gives you the self-assurance to take romantic risks.

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