Romantic Surprise Ideas

Need a little bit of help with romantic surprise ideas? It may serve you well to remember that life, as they say, is just too short not to be romantic!

Romantic Ideas

Romantic Surprise Ideas

Imagine your better half finding the following note in their lunch box on a busy Fiday at work:

'Guess what? We're escaping on a surprise romantic getaway this weekend! Details to follow...'

Here are a few more romantic surprise ideas:

  • Perform one (or more) of their chores for them when they least expect it.
  • Prepare a lovely picnic lunch in the garden (or on the living room floor) to return to when they're out working or shopping.
  • Bring home their favorite dinner from their favorite restaurant in town.
  • Find something to celebrate - anything! - and wait for your partner, champagne and choolates in hand.
  • Be outrageous... do the impossible. Find that out-of-print book or get tickets to a sold-out show they're dying to see.

Think 'Surprise!'

When I talked to my friends on Twitter about romantic surprise ideas, they came up with some pretty good suggestions:

@Listersmate: 'I'll buy flowers at the florist! SURPFIZE!!!'

@Happysoul: 'Simple gestures rather than gifts imprint more of lasting memorable and heartfelt moments. During summer seasons, drop in for impromptu lunches at your partner's office with a picnic basket and spend quality time together at the park. For all seasons, however tired, go for one hour walks after work, winding down the day... '

@BrandyandIce: 'A friend's boyfriend surprised her by having The Desiderata blown up onto wallpaper and putting it up on a curved wall in their home. He sent it to London and had it copied exactly.'

@drsanthan: 'send loving emails from work, arrive home early, cook her a meal and converse like it's our first date =)'

@hyperjetrod: 'home cooked meal, massage, spa, in a candle lit room :)'

@SuzyMiller: 'a cocktail in a box - mail order'

@Suzyqbee10: 'A treasure hunt note... leaving clues to hunt all over town while I wait at B & &... great fun!'

@ingodwetryst: 'Spontaneous romantic getaway. Even if its just one night.'

@PeachyGeekyNana: 'I sent my hubby flowers at work, he's an engineer. I've put love messages in his sandwiches. He gives me washbaskets & exhausts :) We are still married after 38 years. I put it down to my sense of humour (and his).'

@MorgansDead: 'Since I live in a different state than my sweetie, the best surprise would be to suddenly show up'

@MorgansDead: 'Another good surprise for the one I love would be a classic video game or a book, we're nerds ;)'

@michaelgrainger: 'well, I did last Tuesday actually... I drove her to the lighthouse at Byron Bay and asked her to marry me ;)'

@Chris_pinkapple: 'Romantic Surprise My best? The convertible and the drive down the Great Ocean Road in it! Surprised? You betcha! LOVED it!'

@AlfredMcleod: 'Give 'em something not romantic, then surprise them with something more romantic... gotta create more elements of surprise.

@drchavi: 'sounds so good that it seems impossible... but it definitely makes one feel good just thinking about it.'

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