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Romantic Kisses Ah, the art of kissing! That was the topic we recently discussed on Twitter. When I asked for contributions on kisses, my Twitterstream filled with what seemed to be the most exquisite of memories. A highlight was @Suzyqbee10's question to those who said they hadn't experienced theirs yet:

'Have you not had a grand slam out of the ball park fourth of July Fire Works Kiss yet?'

Maybe not, but as they say, hope springs eternal, and @ImMissNTexas confirmed this: 'The most romantic kiss discussion is making me smile, thinking back on past kisses! Still a romantic at heart and hopeful.'

It wasn't easy to paint a picture of a romantic kiss in one short sentence, as @jbraun1220 noted: '...can't describe in 140 characters. The mood, the person, the place...' Still, a lot of people succeeded admirably!

There were the heart-stopping first kiss stories:

@lassiter12: 'Hard to beat that first one. Would she allow it? She responded!'

@Mamaluvsangels: 'It would have to be the first one because it was so anticipated! It was as if time stayed still!'

@senryunectar: 'my first one ever, in a phone booth, sweet, furtive kisses...'

@30dollardate: 'A first kiss - we'd spent all day together, and he took my face in his hands and said "I've been dying to do this all day.'

@docstimulas: 'my most romantic kiss was with a brown haired beauty, 4th grade in the cement tunnel on the playground, a gentle peck on the lips... it was also my first kiss (-:'

@cyclopsfan1: 'My first kiss with my girlfriend at the time. It was snowing. Just lovely.'

And some were brimming with anticipation:

@ButchtasticKyle: 'most romantic kiss? meeting @sroxy at the airport... got one coming up in less than 11 days from now'

@sweatyshop: 'I don't think I've ever had a romantic kiss, but I sure know the way I want it. Since I'm romantic at heart it'll be when she realizes she loves me in the middle of a parking lot on the rainiest day of the year. I hope the reality (if it ever happens) comes somewhat close.'

@mmh807: 'as someone getting divorced, I'm hoping my most romantic kiss is in the future'

Others vividly recalled where or when it had taken place:

@mousleyki: 'I remember my first kiss with my wife. I dropped her off at her car. We were standing in the parking lot, and she surprised me!'

@juliedaley: 'with my late-husband just after our first daughter's birth, and again, after our second daughter's birth... such tender appreciation.'

@glowmoment: 'North End Boston, cobblestones, rain, streetlamps, sneaking into doorway so friends wouldn't know. We were late. Wonderful.'

@chicarmoire: 'on a very cold February night standing on the sidewalk in front of a stripmall.'

@ReneeDeLuca: 'My most romantic kiss? (Well, one of them...) Along the Tidal Basin in Washington DC on a warm summer evening.'

@YourMrBumbles: 'Most romantic kiss? On a Cornish Headland where I had so often walked with her in my heart!'

@windowsot: 'My most romantic kiss? Bermuda 10th Anniversary 15 years ago next month as the sun was setting. What made it special was the spectacular day we spent together.'

@OniiLee: 'On my trampoline in my backyard while star gazing. Amazing.'

@ariedana: 'An hour under the trees on a hot June night.'

@_CrazySexyCool: 'n the rain :) str8 outta movie'

@JellieBraden 'On a park bench in Cairo. Illinois!'

@MorgansDead: 'When B greeted me at COS airport... had to wait five years for that kiss, people staring at us, pure bliss!'

@Polyhymnio: 'At night, alone in a public pool surrounded by amazing mountains, full moon, sharing a blunt'

@Kim23Supernova: 'Had left a romantic movie, stopped me outside the theater in the rain in front of everyone, held my face in his hand and took my breath away'

@michaelmagical: 'The one that comes to mind was when I was very young, and almost innocent. Was a complete surprise, from a special source. She was a beautiful young girl I had long had a crush on; had no idea it was reciprocated until she cornered me in a coat room.'

@loveimage: 'In a hot, steamy shower :)'

@TiffyLove: 'Most romantic kiss: In a shower. We were both completely open and vulnerable; he kissed me with such gentleness it was bliss.'

Some remembered the 'how' of it:

@CelticFrog: 'the most romantic kiss ever... he swept me in close with one arm and gently but firmly devoured me with lips both soft and hard.'

@_SDO: 'Mine was rather recently, after having a dinner I prepared... she came around the table.. sat on my lap and OMG'

...and even more thougths on romantic kisses...:

@PassionMD: 'When each kiss takes a life of its own, your heart overflows and every wish you ever made begins to come true.'

@MarriageMentor: 'You never know which one will be our last, so we always try to enjoy them all...'

@MrRiza007: '...every time I kiss her it's romantic. There's that moment of silence as you gaze at each other - no words needed'

@Suzyqbee10: 'you know when you have the perfect kiss. It is EQUAL......'

@LaGraphixGirl: 'kiss? Oh yes. I still replay it in my head ten years later. So does he even though we aren't together.'

Closing with a haiku:

@NotOneNotTwo: '// old age setting in ~ after losing all their teeth ~ braving their first kiss... //'

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