Romantic Birthday Surprises

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Happy Birthday!

Romantic Birthday Surprises

Here are some of my favorite romantic birthday surprises ideas:

* Give your partner a gift on your birthday!

* Declare your partner's 'Birthday Week' and celebrate their birthday every day for the week preceding the big day.

* Organize a photo session of the two of you in a romantic setting... the bonus is that you will have the photos to remember this special day for the rest of your life.

* Present your partner with some loving words rendered in elegant, artistic calligraphy.

* How about a video celebration of your life together?

* Surprise you lover with a great bottle of wine with a custom-made label. Give your imagination free reign in designing the label with beautiful words, artwork or a photo of the two of you.

* If you really want to pull out all the stops, have an original song written and recorded for your partner.

More Romantic Surprise Ideas

I can always count on my Twitter friends for some wonderful ideas on romantic birthday surprises. How about these ones?

@stevebr: 'Create a journal of the dreams you have for your future with your mate'

@stevebr: 'Give them a "booklet" of "anything and everything" coupons that you'll redeem on demand :o)'

@TheVASydney: 'I'm not a huge romantic but I love it when my partner organises a day off from work without me knowing.'

@TheVASydney: 'Also, a flight via sea plane to Jonahs at Whale Beach would be fabulous!!!'

@bloomerbride: 'Give a certificate to learn how to fly. Local flying schools have these... guys find this romantic.'

@mojabunni: 'Candle-lit bubble bath and massage... and/or a bubbling foot bath with pumice and foot massage. Always worked well with my boyfriens... Of course, being a licensed massage therapist kind of helps. :)'

@JodiMacArthur: 'A candlelight rendezvous by a lonely riverside (rosepetals & strawberries would be a nice touch)'

@senryunectar: 'My husband gets me flowers every month on the day of our wedding anniversary, has for over 10 years... Could work for birtday too.'

A very special thank you to @DFingas who sent me the following:

'i try to be creative w/my surprises as i do w/my art/craft. the following 2 are actual stories:

bought tix to a comedy show. put a blindfold & headphones w/music on the birthday person & walked about 5 blocks to the venue. didn't take anything off until we got into the venue in the dark. the music was just loud enough so she could hear me. don't remember if i did this or not, but i would make sure the music has some sentimental value to both parties or at least to the birthday person. worked really well. guess it would help to make sure the tix are to a great show too.

cooked a spaghetti meal from scratch on a hot plate in my college dorm room. borrowed a table from the dorm lounge to put in my room. asked a fellow student who worked for a caterer to borrow a tablecloth, napkins, & some flatware. bought bowl candles from Woolworth's. prepped & cooked the entire meal in the room. the aroma was amazing. neighbors kept asking for food. set everything up. put on Bob Marley - Exodus. turned on the blacklight(s) & went to get the beneficiary. using the blindfold technique w/o the headphones worked. the aroma drifting all through the hallway was an unplanned bonus. again, worked really well...

PEACE calm...


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