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Rituals to Improve Your Life

Looking for rituals to improve your life and experience more happiness as a result?

Well, the simplest rituals are often the most profound...

Morning rituals to improve your life

Are you an Anne of Green Gables fan? Anne used to love the idea of a brand new day, with no 'mistakes' in it (yet!). 

There's a strong sense of 'freshness' about early mornings. (Although, unlike teenage Anne, I'm not so keen on the idea of trying to get through without any mistakes or failures. As we grow older we learn that this isn't reasonable. It's exhausting to try.  Faltering along our path is inevitable, and what counts is how we rise from those falls.)

So here are a few morning rituals to improve your life by making the most of those fresh hours of dawn. 

  • Start your day with a simple meditation practice. Even 5 minutes, consistently done, will make a big difference to the quality of your life. You don't even have to get out of bed if you don't have a dedicated meditation spaced. Just sit up straight, close your eyes, and slow your breathing. Clear your mind and enter into stillness for a while. Take that lovely sense of peace with you into the rest of your day.
  • Drink a big glass of lemon-infused water to re-hydrate your body.
  • Make time to plan your ideal day. Write down what you'd like to get done - then go do it!

Being kind to ourselves while we take steps to improve our lives is key to making a big difference in our health, homes, wealth and happiness. A new day should never be one of deprivation, but of celebration. A time when we honour all that we have, and all we can be when we create the very best versions of ourselves. 

Things are so much easier when we're well. They're easier when our energy is being sent to the areas of our lives that matter most, and when we've eliminated the things that drag us down—mentally, physically and emotionally. Poor diet or lifestyle choices, household clutter, lack of sleep—these always cost us, long-term. 

I encourage you to sit now, with your eyes closed, and scan your body. On a scale out of ten, how much energy and zest do you feel you have right now? Is it enough to fuel the day you're embarking upon?

Consider how you live and work and how you interact with people–even how you think....

It's time to take charge of your energy levels now!

evening rituals to improve your life

Do you ever over-pack for a journey? You're not sure what the weather will be like, or what you'll need, so you toss in a whole lot of things you don't end up wearing, which only drag you down as you lug them around. 

It's like that when it comes to night time, isn't it? There are things we could let go of. Things we could drop, or stop, or discard. Physical possessions, but also habits, choices, behaviours, ways of speaking to ourselves and others, beliefs... Instead, we so often drag them into bed with us and wake up with them the next day.

Create a release ritual for anything you want to let go before going to bed at night. Here are some ideas:

  • Write it down and burn it. 
  • Create a mandala out of flowers to symbolise what you're going to let go, then release it into the air or water
  • Thank whatever you're releasing for its service in your life (even negative behaviours are often designed to keep us safe on a subconscious level). Say that you release it and no longer need it in your life. Notice the feeling of closure and peace.
  • Write in your journal, then close the book and put it away.
  • Meditate or pray, imagining what you're releasing floating up and away.

Every day is a new day. Let's move into it, unencumbered by the past. Let's end every day on a high note. As the beautiful Maori proverb goes, let's turn our faces towards the sun, so the shadows will fall behind us... 

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