Reasons Why I Love You

I love you

Reasons why I love you....

'I love you because your love gives me wings.'

When I asked my Twitter friends to help me come up with '100 reasons why I love you,' I was blown away by the wonderful responses that filled my Twitter stream. Some of the sentiments expressed were simple; all were profound.

I whole-heartedly agree with @Martiword who said, 'Wonderful when one starts giving reasons for love... there are too many to name, yet they sound so sweet!'

@LaGraphixGirl summed it up well:

'reason for love? Life is too lonely without it.'

Here are the reasons why I love you:

Why I Love You

@mmh807: 'I love you are you.'

@mousleyki: 'You are who you are.'

@Hey_Bradshaw: 'Your sense of wonder?'

@tldavidson: '...because you are the essence of my being.'

@tivajoy: 'I love you because... You are the other half of my soul!'

@michaelannalea: 'because... today you willingly lifted a burden from my heart that I've been carrying for so long'

@erol_antz: 'I love you because you understand me!'

@dgnt08: 'I love you because after all the hurt I've been through, I still can see what love really means in you. You made me believe again.'

@dgnt08: 'I love you because... I want you here in every season, for every reason, for a lifetime.'

@mousleyki: 'I enjoy being with you all the time.'

@domestic_girly: 'I love you because you know all of my flaws and you still stick around.'

@mmh807: 'I love you because... you make me laugh.'

@mmh807: 'I love you because... you are the most intelligent person I know.'

@ImMissNTexas: 'Here's one (slightly inspired by the Dixie Chicks): I love you because you are my easy silence.'

@ImMissNTexas: 'I love you because you don't embarrass me in front of my family.'

My friend @Wingpoem's reasons why I love you could stand alone as a love poem:

@Wingpoem: 'because you are the most beautiful being I have ever beheld..'

@Wingpoem: 'simply because of those gorgeous big brown eyes..'

@Wingpoem: 'because of the way you look when you're barefoot in a white cotton dress..'

@Wingpoem: 'because you have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen..'

@Wingpoem: 'because your voice sounds like melting chocolate...'

@Wingpoem: 'because your scent absolutely stops my mental functioning..'

@Wingpoem: 'because the taste of you when you're aroused is mind blowing...'

@Wingpoem: 'because you don't think like me, but you always think of me..'

@Wingpoem: 'because you cry when you read my poems.'

@Wingpoem: 'because you move so gracefully when you don't know I'm watching..'

@Wingpoem: 'because you're softhearted and good and kind and gentle..'

@ Wingpoem: 'because you buy me chocolate and hide it where you know I'll find it..'

@Wingpoem: 'because you love something in me that I can't see in myself.'

@Wingpoem: 'because your whole being stills me, deeply. It's really beyond language.'

@Wingoem: 'because of your beautiful heart..'

...and even more reasons why I love you:

@areucrazy: 'I don't know much, but, I know I love you, and that may be all there is to know.'

@iamiridescent: 'to ask why I love you, is to ask a plant why it grows or the planets why they orbit the sun. Let us not limit our love with reason.'

@iamiridescent: 'with love there is no why. There is just love and is.'

Thank you also to @cecilemiranda who reminded us all of Roy Croft's beautiful words:

'I love you, not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you.'

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