A Prayer for Love

Sometimes we all need a prayer for love...

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TODAY, LORD, HELP ME TO ACCEPT MYSELF THE WAY I am without judgment. Help me to accept my mind the way it is, with all my emotions, my hopes and dreams, and my unique personality. Help me to accept my body the way it is, with all its beauty and perfection.

Today, Lord, clean my mind of emotional poison and self-judgment, so that I can live in peace and love. Let the love for myself be so strong that I never reject myself or sabotage my happiness and personal freedom. Let me love and accept myself without judgment, because when I judge myself, I find myself guilty and then need to punish myself.

With the power of self-love, let all my relationships be based on love and respect. Help me to let go of the need to tell others how to think or how to be. Let me accept the people I love just the way they are without judgment, because when I judge them and blame them, I find them guilty, and want to punish them. Help me O Lord, to love everything you create with no conditions, because when I reject your creation, I reject you.

Today, Lord, help me to start my life over with the power of self-love. Help me to explore life, to take risks, and to love myself unconditionally. Let me open my heart to the love that is my birthright so that I can share my love wherever I go.


Miguel Angel Ruiz
Prayers, A Communion with our Creator.

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