Poetry on Love

In exploring poetry on love, the following words by Galway Kinnell spring to mind:

'Poetry comes at things through particulars, by means of images, and it doesn't deal so easily with generalities. Its mode is to cherish without limit. You could say it is idolatrous art. Some poems, the great poems, are true to their specific situations deep down, but they also have a universal quality that lets them live again and again, even in apparently unrelated circumstances.' -Galway Kinnell

This is especially true of poetry on love...

By the Light of the Moon

Poetry on Love

I visited with the Moon tonight
She was full - bright and endless
She reached into my heart
And filled it with Love
She cradled me in her warm silvery arms
Her soft voice told me that
I am beautiful... I am Love...
I have purpose... there is meaning to my life!

~ Jeanni Monks ~

My good friend @Wingpoem sent me a link to the following renga poetry that he composed with four others over a three hour period on Twitter. It turned out to be a stunning example of poetry on love. Needless to say, it blew me away - I hope you love it as much as I do.

Fire on Water

Moon in the water
A reflection of the past:
Insubstantial thing.

A gossamer veil of light
Wavering in the water.

I drink from mirage
thinking the moon can quench me
only to thirst more.

Finally, I walk away
in search of satisfaction.

Under her spotlight
raining down on me, flowing
moon's tender glow.

Clouds close in blocking her light
a shelter from her thunder.

Turning from the gloom
looking for the soft tread path
and a little warmth.

A window's glowing candle
draws her to a friendly gaze.

Single flame burning
Lighting a familiar smile
Warms this chilly heart.

One warm smile meets another
and the world is made brighter...

One to another
We pass the gift of our love.
Hearts bound together.

An infinite chain of love
Shared by all humanity.

In your eyes I see
me, and you see you, looking
at eternity.

We are two lovers, yet we
are one with all the heavens.

Through space and time, souls
connect, drawn by that which can't
be denied, true love.

In its purest form love is
unbreakable and boundless.

Our hearts reach out to
the boundless rays of light from
the sweet moon's caress.

Her soft rays lighting our path
her soft touch soothing our soul.

Darling you move me
Like the moon moves the ocean
Like wind making waves...

In all her beauty, the moon
holds not a candle to you...

The light of your love
Burns through me. I gasp - and then
I beg even more.

Your heat draws me inside you
Like a moth drawn to the flame.

Lips touch, delicate
tongues exploring, hungrily
we melt, together.

You start to whisper you love...
my fingers go to your lips.

Flames and firelight...
passioned burning for rest and
our souls lit afire.

Skin to skin heat and magic
love made amongst shadows.

His hand brushed her neck
a small smile played on his lips
you are beautiful.

My darling, I want to touch
eternity within you.

You already do
Touch eternity in me
You beautiful soul.

Eye contact between lovers
Forever, touching itself...

Where two rivers meet
The current becomes stronger,
and two become one.

And so it is with lovers:
One flows into the other.

We intermingle
legs entwined you fall into
me, united, one.

And I will never be me
without feeling you in me.

Drawn into this dream
like water drawn downstream, and
to ocean we meet.

Drawn together like threads drawn
by the Fates destined to be.

The ocean takes us
into it's bosom, holding
us dear to her heart.

We drift along in blissful
embrace, rocked by gentle waves.

Water to the sea
so is my heart ever drawn
deeply into thee.

Cradled by your soul's embrace
you perfectly complete me...

So, within your kiss
I taste immortality
An eternal bliss.

A place where death fears to tread
And all doubt and pain have fled.

Within my heart you
see the light, the eternal
spark of love reclaimed.

Nothing to fear, only you
and I, are safely bound here.

I'm here in this place
forever in a moment
kiss so infinite .

Light never fading with a
love never-ending. Here. Now.

Light moves within us
shimmering in our light souls
as we bumble on.

She gives us grace and kindness
and kisses our brow in love.

by @Story8, @CDominiqueG, @SenryuNectar, @Wingpoem, @Yojinbo

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