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Pisces Tattoo Designs

Pisces Tattoo

© Kseniya Polishchuk | Dreamstime.com

The best Pisces tattoo designs allow us to swim in the mysterious currents of Pisces for a while. It allows us to find out who Pisces really is: a dreamer belonging to the soul of the universe; someone swimming in the currents of infinite understanding.

Pisces symbols often include two fish tied together, but swimming in opposite directions. Some people, however, choose a tattoo of a single fish.

Pisces tattoo designs can also include the following Pisces gods and myths:

1. Neptune - God of the sea

The planet Neptune was discovered relatively recently and its association with Pisces is a product of modern-day astrology. Nevertheless, it's appropriate that the god of the sea is linked with Pisces. Neptune lived in a golden castle on the ocean floor and rode the waves in a chariot drawn by sea-horses.

As god of the oceans, Neptune is associated with a host of other water-dwelling creatures, including dolphins, mermaids, sea nymphs and sirens - and all possess a mysterious, magical allure. Where there is water, the magic of Pisces is present.

Pisces tattoos are often blue, just like the planet Neptune, for its beautiful deep blue color is just like the mysterious ocean depths

2. Jupiter - Supreme sky god

Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was the ruling planet for Pisces.

3. Dionysus - God of wine, nature and ecstasy

Dionysys was also known by his Roman name, Bacchus. His followers would drink themselves into a frenzied trance-like rapture. Dionysus could change himself into a variet of creatures.

Examples of Pisces Tattoos

Pisces Tattoos

© Gokcen Cidam | Dreamstime.com

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