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Pisces Love

Pisces, you are a fascinating mix of earthly passion and unworldly fantasies. Others are captivated by you at first glance and haunted by your image forever after. You have a mysterious way of uncovering the secrets that lie beneath another’s social mask. Sensitive to the slightest nuances of a potential lover’s behaviour, you’ll quickly exit if something doesn’t feel quite right.

You often fall in love with opposites. You need to be needed and love for you is the center from which all else radiates. When you’re happy in love, everything else in life seems to fall into place. When you’re miserable over a love affair, all else seems gloomy. You want to lose yourself in somebody else, and unite in an almost mystical communion. As a mutable sign, you may change yourself to fit the image your partner wants.

You have a touchy and oversensitive side that fires up at another’s lack of understanding. You thrive if given patience and sympathy. You don’t do well with rejection, but if you’re treated with care and affection, your sensual nature shines through. You’re intensely emotional about the act of making love and view it as a spiritual union.

The secret to pleasing you is to remember that romance is the breath of life to you.

’You may be a dreamer, but you can make the right person’s dreams come true.’

Tips for the Pisces Relationship

• Adaptability is good, but beware that you don’t lose who you are in order to please a lover.

• You fall in love easily, but this could also be your undoing as you have an instinct for choosing the wrong person. Think with your head as much as your heart.

• Enjoy your daydreams, but make sure that you keep your feet planted in reality when it comes to love.

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