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Welcome to our Pisces compatibility page. As one of the most romantic signs in the Zodiac, Pisces prefers a partner who will meet their emotional needs.

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Zodiac Love Compatibility

Most Compatible Zodiac Sign Love Matches

The most compatible Zodiac sign love matches for Pisces are generally considered to be fellow Water signs Cancer and Scorpio, as well as earthy Taurus and Capricorn. Polar opposite Virgo can be a good balancing energy too.

* With a Cancer as life partner, Pisces will have a love life filled with passion and beauty. Cancer also offers a nurturing and happy home life, which is a dream come true for Pisces. Pisces enjoys following Cancer's direction in gaining momentum and overcoming the aimlessness they sometimes suffer.

* Pisces and Scorpio will be devoted and sensitive to each other. Scorpio offers loyalty and enduring stability, which makes Pisces feels safe and secure. There is a good balance between Scorpio's intensity and Pisces' intuition. These two partners have a profound emotional connection.

* Pisces and Capricorn will complement each other for a life time. Capricorn assists Pisces in becoming more ambitious and provide direction for Pisces to pursue their dreams. Capricorn's love of a traditional relationship is a good grounding element for dreamy, adaptable Pisces.

* Pisces and Taurus relationships are filled with pleasure, beauty, sensuality, and romantic love. Taurus anchors Pisces, providing continuity and keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

* Polar opposite Virgo provides guidance, as well as analytical and organisational skills to help Pisces realize their dreams. Virgo also assists Pisces with boundaries within which their compassion can find limits. Virgo's discerning nature leads the way in helping Pisces look for facts before trusting. This pair will easily adapt to each other's quirks while still maintaining daily rituals to honour their love.

Least Compatible Zodiac Love Matches

The least compatible zodiac love matches for Pisces are generally considered to be Gemini and Sagittarius.

If you've found my page on Pisces love matches interesting, make sure to visit our Pisces Personality page too.

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