Passionate Love Notes

Some people think they can't write passionate love notes, but that's just not true! Everyone can write sweet love notes if they just give it a try. The key to success is to be honest and speak from the heart.

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Give it a Try...

When someone loves you, they aren't critiquing your notes and love letters for spelling, punctuation, or even a whole lot of clarity. The fact is, the emotion contained in those writings is far more important than any other factor. So your primary goal should be to get in touch with your deepest feelings and emotions as they relate to the other person and to put them into words and get them down on paper. If you want to, you can always edit them, tweak them a bit, and rewrite it a bit more eloquently later. But first, you need to simply write down what you're truly feeling.

Later, if you decide it is important for your passionate love notes to have a little more polish, you can rewrite them on nice stationery, ensuring the punctuation, spelling, and grammar are all correct. You can use your best penmanship and include some of beautiful love sayings such as heartfelt words from poets or philosophers or the lyrics from a song. You can even scent the stationery with a light spray of perfume or cologne.

Take heed, though, that you do not edit yourself right out of your letter. Again, the most important part of sweet love notes is the passion inherent in the person writing the letter. It's all about the connection between you and the special love of your life. No one else can really put your feelings, emotions, passion, and the love you feel into words any better than you can.

Try not to overanalyze what you write too much. The best way to start is to simply put pen to paper and start free-flow writing. This means you write whatever comes to your mind and just keep writing and writing without stopping to critique or reread what you wrote. It's a great way to pour your thoughts and feelings out on paper. And that-after all-is what real, true, heartfelt passionate love notes are all about!

If you get stuck or don't know how to start, here are a couple of writing prompts that can help you get the thoughts, emotions, and words flowing. Start out with one of these and then just keep writing what comes to you after that.

I love you because . . .

I love you more than . . .

Before I met you, I . . .

Now that you are in my life, . . .

Every time I think of you, I . . .

These are great romantic and passionate love note starters or key phrases you can use just about anywhere in your letter when you feel like you've run out of words or reached an impasse. Remember, real passionate love notes are based on your true feelings! But if a sweet line from a song or poem comes to mind when writing your love letter, don't be afraid to borrow it. Oh, sure, it might sound a little corny, but chances are that the love of your life will be charmed by that and it will become all the more endearing to him or her.

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