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Mental Toughness

How to Overcome stress, trauma and adversity

Today I want to talk to you about mental toughness and how to use it to overcome stress, trauma and adversity. 

Mental toughness is your ability to be flexible and adaptable despite what the world throws at you. You may have some dreams on how you would like your life to unfold but then there's the harsh reality... As you live your life, things start to happen... and as we all know, sometimes bad things happen to good people. In fact, at one time or another, bad things happen to ALL people. That's just... life.

We all experience trauma and adversity at one time or another but it comes in different forms... the death of a loved one, separation or divorce, illness, accidents, natural disasters...

And then, beyond trauma, there is the stress caused by the big changes that make up life... relocations and business ventures and growing our families. We need to be mentally tough to manage it all!

How to develop mental toughness

When you're stressed out or things are simply not going well for you, you need to be flexible and adaptable. If you resist the wind, or if you're like the tree that refuses to bend in the wind. You will snap and you will break. So you need to work WITH the wind... You need to work out how to do things a little bit differently, and you need to explore different kinds of solutions, but above all you need to know, without the slightest bit of doubt in your mind, that you'll be okay.

You have your brilliant mind and the life experience you've gained to help you make the right decisions... and you know what? The Universe has your back. You have guides and angels watching over you and all you have to do is tune in to notice all the signs and symbols and synchronicities that are leading the way... And you will grow through this and get to the other side of the heartache and trauma, and some day you will find the gift in it all.

How do I know this? Because I've lived it. And I've survived it. And so can you.

Life is difficult and change is inevitable. But you are stronger than you think. 

Don't give up. 
Don't give up. 
Don't. Give. Up. 


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