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Meditation for Beginners

Welcome to our meditation for beginners page. Learning to meditate is a wonderful way to practice your spirituality. It gives you a sense of calm and clarity that is simply unbeatable. 

One of the best ways to live a happier and more loving life is to make meditation a regular practice in your daily life. Meditation helps you to still your mind ~ and when all the monkey chatter has gone quiet, you are free to open the doors of your heart to allow more health, wealth and happiness in. 

Beware of the Enemy

If you want to live a life of health, wealth and happiness, you have to be aware of the enemy. The enemy is fear. Meditation helps you to bring fear out of the hidden corners of your being into the light. When you shine the light of love on to your fears, they are unable to maintain their power.

What follows is a simple meditation to inhale love and exhale fear. You don't have to engage in meditation for hours on end. The key is consistency. Even a few minutes every day will make a remarkable difference in your life. 

Inhale Love, Exhale Fear

Find a quiet place to spend a few minutes in silence. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. 

Notice the chatter that may be going on in your mind, and see if you can enter into a space of stillness in your mind. Just let all your thoughts go. Let them drift away so that you can experience the comfort of stillness. 

Drop your shoulders, inhale, exhale, and relax the muscles in your body. Scan your body for any tension and if you're aware of any discomfort in any part of your body, just breathe into it, then let it go.

Bring your awareness to your breathing.

Relax your breathing.

Inhale, exhale.

Inhale, exhale.

When you inhale, silently say to yourself, "inhale love" or "in with love".

When you exhale, silently say to yourself, "exhale fear" or "out with fear".

Just stay with your breathing for a while, silently repeating the words you've chosen.

When you notice thoughts entering into your mind, just them go and bring your attention back to your breathing. 

When you're ready, open your eyes and set the intention to re-enter your day with the mindset of love.

Try a Mandala Meditation

One of the best meditations for beginners is using mandalas (or sacred circles) to focus your attention.

I created a Mandala Meditation workbook for you with stunning mandalas that you can use immediately.

The eBook has step-by-step instructions on mandala meditation and also includes the following:

* What is a Mandala? (and all you need to know about sacred circles)

* How to do a Mandala Meditation;

* How to create your own mandalas;

* Mandalas for coloring in (which is a whole meditation practice in itself.

Download NOW for only $9.95!

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