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Mandala Meditation

Welcome to our Mandala Meditation page!

Have you ever felt that you're showing up for meditation but nothing much is happening? Of course, in one sense, nothing is supposed to happen. Meditation is about entering into a space of stillness. But if you're struggling with concentration and desire a deepening in your meditation practice, mandala meditation may be just what you're looking for.

Meditation is a simple act, but it's also a challenging one. Since the mind likes to chatter, meditation can sometimes seem anything but restful. Here's what Arjuna had to say about it in the Bhagavad Gita (6.34):

The mind is fickle, turbulent,

very powerful, and strong.

I believe controlling it is

as difficult as controlling the wind.

Mandalas energize your meditation practice by giving you an external focus that gradually deepens as the beauty of the patterns fills your mind. The key is to concentrate your awareness toward the mandala, without strain. Once centred, your awareness can rest in a relaxed state, and you know you're making progress when you can sustain concentration for longer periods of time. 

Benefits of Mandala Meditation

You may find that, as your concentration progresses in meditation, a quiet shift in perspective occurs. While your attention is resting on a mandala, you become a witness to sensations, thoughts, and feelings that drift through your mind, much like the experience of reclining in a grassy meadow, watching clouds travel across the sky. Rolf Sovik explains it beautifully. He says, "As the clouds pass by, the deep, unmoving sky expands overhead, filling your awareness. In much the same way, thoughts in meditation move through your conscious mind, while awareness of the vast sky-like space of consciousness expands within. Inner life then becomes characterized by an openness and flexibility that was missing before."

Paradoxically, meditation is both meant to assist you in dispersing distracting thoughts and feelings, but also to be present to them. By accepting thoughts, emotions, and even pain in a detached way, you can learn to gain the necessary distance to remain in a constant state of harmony and peace. 

It's important to be patient with yourself. Some days you may find it easy to focus on a mandala, while other days meditation may unfold more slowly. Some days you may feel more agitated than others, while on other days the inner observer in you may emerge easily and naturally. 

Entered into consistently, meditation practice has the power to create a calm and stable inner environment. Mandala meditation in particular, guides the mind to a place of beauty and rest. It's a beautiful space to be in. 

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