Love Song Lyrics

I'd love to share some of the love song lyrics with you that touch me in a very real way.

Love Song Lyrics

Lyrics of Love Song

Looking for the lyrics of a love song to share with your beloved? Try these:

'And I'd give up forever to touch you,
Cause I know that you feel me somehow.
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be,
And I don't want to go home right now.

And all I can taste is this moment,
And all I can breathe is your life,
And sooner or later it's over,
I just don't want to miss you tonight.'

~ Iris, Goo Goo Dolls

'You were
And you are
And you'll be
My soul and the air
that I breathe
My heart and the love that I need
And you are my destiny.'

~ Destiny, Malaika

'Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for evermore
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you.'

~ Fly me to the Moon, Frank Sinatra

'You don't have to climb a ladder
to the sky to pluck a star for me
The smile in your eyes is all I need
to see... of your precious
love I've always been aware
You don't know just what your
love has done for me.'

~ You Are Beautiful, Tina Schouw

'It's the way you love me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's impossible
This kiss - this kiss.'

~ This Kiss, Faith Hill

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this
Some people search forever for that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happeneing to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Everything changes but beauty remains
Something so tender I can't explain
I may be dreaming but until I awake
Can't we make this dream last forever?
And I'll cherish all the love we share

Could this be the greatest love of all?
I wanna know that you will catch me when I fall
So let me tell you this...'

~ A Moment Like This, Kelly Clarkson

'Oceans apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain

If I see you next to never
How can we say forever

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you

Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you'

~ Right Here Waiting For You, Bryan Adams

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