Touching Love Sad Poems

Welcome to my love sad poems page.

The Shadow Side of Love

As much as Love brings us joy, she also holds in the chambers of her heart a vast amount of pain. Love sad poems explore the array of emotions that accompany the shadow side of intimate relationships: longing, indifference, heart-ache, hope...

Examples of Love Sad Poems

Lonely man in a boat

I love how @haikunut described heart-ache in a post on Twitter:

'When the heart breaks... the love can spill out, through, and... healing can begin.'

The following haiku is about disconnection in a relationship:

Like rock and water
Leaf and stone ~ face each other
Together alone.

~ Mia Rose

@Wingpoem recently sent me one of the most touching, understated love sad poems. This is it:


Oh even though
We aren't speaking so much
I can't help but
Stare at you all the time
I find you so beautiful
Even though
We both said harsh things
To the heart of the other
The heart most dear
I forgave you
The moment I met you
And even though
We don't touch
It's all I think about
And hope for
How could I not?
I absolutely adore you

~ @Wingpoem

Love sad poems often explore distance between lovers - in time, space or connection. A good example is Distance, by mtc cronin:

for W.D.

If I am to be what is measured and found to be
a world away from you
then my closed eyes shall traverse that distance
and carry within their dark journey
the knowledge that only individuals love.
And in my struggle with loneliness which bears
no smell but the smell of you
and the shape of you my imagination would
sculpt if its hands fell into clay
I will arrive still and silent and fully into your heart.
It does not matter if we sleep and wake
and share no daylight or stars
for all seeds planted in the furrows of darkness
grow their own mornings which stir
on feet ready to overtake what is only memory.

~ m t c cronin

About Longing

One of the most talented poets who post fragments of their poetry on Twitter is @dengary.

I especially love the following short poem as it has such a sense of longing to it. That's just my interpretation though... the intent may have been anticipation:

'this cold white room
takes on many colors
in the changing light
when will I see you next?
how long until a full moon?

~ @dengary

And then the following haiku by @Yojinbo:

'What love promises
Is not a happy ending
But a sad farewell.'

'You think you hurt me
By building walls between us:
Fortress or prison?'

'My blood boils away
Flesh, muscle, sinew, all gone
If you say goodbye'

'The venom you used
To say Goodbye, I now use
To kill loneliness.'

~ @Yojinbo

More Love Sad Poems on Twitter

// his soft broken heart ~ waits like half-eaten chocolates ~ sitting in the box //
by @NotOneNotTwo

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