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Love Messages from the Universe

I love it when the Universe leaves me little love messages in unexpected places, don't you? 

A case in point... my sister recently posted in our Self-Care for the Soul group on Facebook about finding a little love message from the Universe on her kitchen floor in the form of a heart. This is what she said:

"Just found this little leaf on my kitchen floor. No idea how it got there because the door was closed, and I definitely have no trees with heart-shaped leaves around! But I'll take it. Thank you universe. And I'm passing it on to you..."

I love this so much! So many people would have trampled straight over that little leaf, not giving it a second thought...

little Love Notes 

I really do believe that the Universe leaves us little love notes in the form of signs, symbols and synchronicities. We only need to be mindful enough to notice. As Nancy Thayer says:

"The Universe is always speaking to us... sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more."

I often find white feathers, which is a sure sign for me that there are angels watching over me. Another way I get reassurance that angels are watching over me is through numbers. I'm forever stumbling over ones and fours. I also try to pay attention to animal spirit guides and simply allow my intuition to guide me when animals and insects pay me a visit. Sometimes I keep hearing the same song or I keep bumping into a particular person. Or I might find something that I think I'd lost forever, triggering a memory of a specific time in my life when I had particular feelings - or reminding me how much progress I've made since then.

The signs from the Universe that I'm most grateful for are those random happenings, coincidences or opportunities that simply seem to good to be true. One day I register that I need something... and the next day I find the solution in the form of a post on social media or an email in my inbox. I'm sure that's happened to you too, right? And what a wonderful thought that the Life is always conspiring in our favour. That the Universe actually really does have our back!

But nudges from the Universe come in the form of stumbling blocks and pain too. Physical pain is a BIG one. Whenever you have aches or pains ask yourself, 'What is happening in my life that is unresolved? What do I need to deal with?' Failure is feedback too. When something doesn't work out, don't beat yourself up over it... it may simply be a nudge from the Universe that you need to move in a different direction.

Whatever form love messages from the Universe take, the important thing is to pay attention. Listen when the Universe tries to tell you something. Stay open and receptive - especially when you're in need of guidance. Sometimes the signs will lead you down a path that you weren't expecting, but it's still important to take action and see where they lead. The Universe can show you the door - but you're the one who has to walk through it.

Never doubt: if ever you need answers, they will come!

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