Love Haiku Poems

Enjoy these exquisite examples of love haiku poems, all written by my super talented friend, June O'Reilly.

rain down into me / enter as the wind my love / spring into my heart


Love Haiku by June O'Reilly

singing to the breeze / belting lyrics to the sky / maybe he will hear them

love is but a wave / measure its height with your heart / wave it back again

paint your love in prose / spread it across my world so / open to your light

touch me with your love / feed my mind with your wonder / tomorrow starts today

bring on the wonders / don't worry about falling / it is required

what do I require? / to love and greet the sun / daily with you friend

love only requires / that you let it flow through you / be a conduit

letting love's embrace / smother the pain, gone forever / only love remains

tethered to your soul / the perfume of your scent love / shimmers through my mind

, drink from my cup / brace yourself for the heart rush / I am a wild soul

walking through the world / on a forage for love's light / attracting sparkle

I feel your hand love ~ as I walk the paths of life ~ gently holding mine

You can read more of June's work on her Moon Wanderings blog.

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