Love and Sad Poems

These touching love and sad poems may resonate with you...

Love and Sad Poems

Love and Sad Poems: I'ts Finally Over

Pain shoots through me
as I remember your words.. So clear, so defined
Has it finally come down to this?
Your words are hitting me like a ton of bricks..
I can do no right
You are never wrong..
Pain hits me as your words keep ringing in my ears
This time for sure you really want me to go..
Tears keep falling
As I hear your hateful words so full of anger
as if I was the cause…
We both know I am not
but its easier for you to keep on blaming me.
You may of loved me once
But now,
nothing is left for you but words..

I have finally decided what to do
I can't take this again,
I should know by now
that if I keep coming back thinking
this time it would be different
I should know it never will be.

I can do no right
you think you are never wrong.. this time I won’t be able to let your words go..
I don't have what you want..
Who ever she may be I know that person isn’t me,
Nor will it ever be.. You have no idea what you have just lost..
There is a knife buried in my heart, turning, digging ever so deeper,
as if your hand is on the handle..
I never want to feel this much pain again
Tears keep running down my face
As your words hit home for the last time..

I just can't take this again
I should never of had to..
I was your lover, your friend not your whipping girl for
your inability to deal with your life..
I’m not getting back up again
just to fight a losing battle against your drinking..
I am finally giving up..
Just letting you know
That since you want me to go
I’m walking out for the last time and
I won’t be looking back..
I can't look back
I just can't take this pain in my world
As your words are ringing in my ears
To save myself
I’m gone
This time
It’s for good…

~ Kim Snyder, Copyright 2008 ~

And an answer to this...

Love and Sad Poems: Staring at the Bottle

He reaches for the bottle again
Trying to drown out her words
He has running around in his mind..
Why can't you just let it go?
Was all he could hear...

He stares at the bottle
Knowing its the reason why she's gone
The light of his life walked out
This time for good
Taking his reason for living with her..

I can't keep going on like this was all she said
I can't fight something
you willingly drown yourself in every night...

Seeing the tears in her eyes as she leaves
The bottle hits the wall
He watches as the liquid slowly slides
making a puddle on the floor
As He goes back in his mind
to the day they met..
He can't help but smile
as he remembered how she looked the first time
Then how she felt every night after that..

Now all he can see is the tears rolling down her cheeks
as she sadly shakes her head turning to walk out
All he can see is that door closing behind her
leaving his heart bleeding raw..

Will she ever be back?

He looks seeing only empty bottles on the floor..
Sliding out of his chair?
he lands on the floor in a heap of tears and remorse
Heart pouring out its pain
Knowing he is the only reason why,
There is no one else to blame this time..

Closing his eyes
he sees her smiling sadly at him,
As tears start filling his eyes again..

Screaming he kicks at all that liquid fire
asking God to save his soul from what he
has done to her..

In so much pain he doesn't hear the door open
as she silently walks in..
Amazed she watches as he grabs every bottle
Dumping them in the trash can..
Could what she been wanting so badly
for them finally coming to past?
She says nothing just watches as he cleans
everything up leaving not a trace of
what had been the only reason
why she walked out..

Slowly he turns to see her standing there
by the door
Blinking his tears away
Not sure if she is for real..
As if seeing her for the very first time again
Quietly with head bowed
In barely a whisper..
You took my light away
And with it my reason for living
when you walked out that door..
I hit bottom with you gone
I can't do this alone ..

I hope that together
we can help me make this change
Today is the first day
Are you willing to stay
giving me that second chance?
Hearing the rawness in his voice
the wet cheeks, the cry out to God
Knowing this won't be easy
She closes the door
For now she has heard what she needed to hear
to keep her home for good.

~ Copyright 2007, Kim Snyder ~

Truth is I walked away from him.. what did you do? - Kim Snyder

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