Libra Relationships

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Libra Love

Libra, you are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and therefore one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Relationships are what make your world go round and once you find your soulmate, you are happy and content. If this part of your life is not in good order, you worry and brood.

You are in touch with your feminine side and a warm and affectionate lover. You do everything possible to show your partner how much they’re cared for. In return, you expect total devotion from your mate. One of your best traits is your loyalty. At your worst, you have a tendency to become over-dependent and smother them with love.

When in a committed relationship, your sensuality shines through. You’re sensitive and responsive to your partner’s every need, and you’re at your happiest when they reciprocate. As much as you demonstrate your love generously, you want to be a Prince or Princess in the relationship, with a capital P.

You view intimacy as a means to express your feelings. When attracted to someone, you do everything in your power to impress them, from fragrances to fashion. You desire someone who would share in your innermost fantasies in a passionate way.

You strive to give your family with the best of everything. It makes you happy to know that everyone you care for is well looked after. Your home mirrors your desire for luxury, from beautiful fabrics to top-of-the-range appliances.

If you can keep your focus on maintaining harmony and stability in your relationship, you have a winning formula for love.

’You have a loving and sensual nature, keeping you in touch with your feminine side.’

Tips for the Libra Relationship

• Choose your partner carefully. You expect 100 per cent commitment and input and that can be a tall order for most.

• Learn to communicate your needs clearly.

• Keep your feelings of insecurity under control. If you ask your lover to prove their love time and time again, it will only serve to push them away.

• Be careful that you don’t smother or get over-dependent on others for your happiness. It’s important to keep your relationships in balance with other areas of your life.

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