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Welcome to our Libra compatibility page. Libra is excellent at forming relationships. Harmony and compromise are important elements to them in close relationships.

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Zodiac Love Compatibility

Most Compatible Zodiac Sign Love Matches

The most compatible zodiac sign love matches for Libra are generally considered to be fellow chatterbox Air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, as well as Leo and Sagittarius.

• Gemini leads the way in having fun in a love match with Libra and together this pair doesn’t worry too much about pleasing others. Gemini and Libra share a love of culture and seek new experiences to add to their knowledge base. Together your lives will be interesting and beautiful.

• Aquarius offers Libra a chance to step outside of traditional roles. Libra basks in the encouragement to be true to themselves and make authentic choices. Life together will be affectionate and filled with joy.

• As a yang, active sign, Libra finds Fire signs good love matches. Leo and Libra share a love of the high life, as well as beautiful locations and art. As partners, Leo and Libra inspire each other creatively and support each other’s artistic growth. This union enjoys using their imagination to keep love alive. Life together will be romantic and happy.

• A Libra and Sagittarius union spells out success, happiness and an environment filled with love. Sagittarius helps Libra cultivate a relationship with the world at large, exposing them to exotic love rituals and romantic practices of foreign cultures.

• Libra can use opposite polar Arian's dedication of purpose to strengthen their resolve and decision-making skills, while still maintaining their own identity. Aries holds a mirror to Libra, reflecting independence and assertiveness. Aries can teach Libra to speak for themselves and channel a healthy level of selfishness.

Least Compatible Zodiac Love Matches

The least compatible zodiac love matches for Libra are generally considered to be Cancer and Capricorn.

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