Leo Relationships

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Leo Love

Leo, you thrive in the domain of love affairs, entertainment and other pleasurable pursuits. You sign is in the fifth zone of the zodiac, which is dominated by romance and creativity. The enjoyment of the pleasures of social life and love are key characteristics of your personality.

Due to your sunny nature, you attract love where-ever you go. It’s easy for you to connect with others socially and romantically. Somehow you always seem to find yourself in the company of the opposite sex where you take centre-stage without trying too hard.

You have an immaculate dress sense and you like to impress – especially if you’re interested in someone romantically. The thrill of the chase is an instinctive urge for Leo. However, it’s a challenge to find your soulmate. You have high expectations of a lover and deep down you often feel that you deserve better than you usually get. Intimate encounters are an important part of your life – especially if you’re a Leo male. You view sexuality as a form of creative expression and you can be very territorial and possessive about the one you love.

You can be inflexible and tend to see your partner as an asset or a liability. You will be happiest with someone who supports you fully in both a social and professional context. You want your partner to enhance your status and the perception of yourself in the eyes of others.

When you enter into a committed relationship, you do so with considerable devotion. Most Leos value the sacred vows of matrimony. Due to Leo being a fixed sign of the zodiac, you have staying power and if you do get married, you’ll give it your best shot. In your case, true love is characterised by loyalty, affection and protection. Your love is intense and demanding, and you expect nothing less in return. On these terms, romance will make you exceedingly happy and fulfilled.

’Astrologically speaking, the core domain of Leo is that of romance, entertainment and pleasurable pursuits.’

Tips for the Leo Relationship

• Don’t rush into making a commitment. Take your time to enjoy life and explore the wide variety of people that cross your path before entrusting your heart to someone.

• It can be quite daunting for someone to enter into a relationship with you. You may need to lower your expectations somewhat and practice unconditional acceptance of the person you’re in love with.

• Be careful that your possessiveness doesn’t get the better of you in romance. This will destroy the trust and dedication that you have with your mate.

• Try to be more flexible. Patience and forgiveness will take you a long way towards a happy union.

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