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Leo Romance for 2012

Leo January 2012 completes the 14 year of inspirational planet Neptune making a journey through your relationship sector. Neptune worked to bring spiritual love connections but wasn't particularly helpful in assisting you to maintain personal boundaries. If it feels like you've been looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses and sacrificing your own needs in the name of love, rest assured that the new year will herald a time when the veil is lifted.

2012 heralds an exciting time in your romantic life when Love Goddess Venus visits your seventh house of relationships from December 20, 2011 to January 14. Make use of her energy to start the year off right in your intimate relationships. If you're single, Venus's presence can help you to attract more romance and affection. She is also a supportive force in assisting you to act in warm and loving ways towards others in your inner circle. If you're craving a new beginning, enjoy the influence of the New Moon in your seventh house of relationships on January 23.

From February onwards the reality of your intimate partnerships will be revealed. Messenger planet Mercury will strengthen your resolve to speak up and express your deepest feelings about your love connections.

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Leo Love Horoscope in 2011

As Neptune change signs and moves out of your relationship sector, expect a new era to begin in love and romance. Passion planet Mars in your partnership zone from January 16 to February 24 gifts you with the necessary self-confidence to pursue your romantic goals. Romantic Venus infuses your love life with an extra dose of affection from March 3 to 28. Win hearts with sweetness and don’t be shy about spoiling your loved ones during this romantic time. Personal relationships are reinvigorated as you take charge, while intimacy grows and passion flourishes. The period from April 5 to August 5 gives you an insight into the shape of things to come, as you discover how your needs in close partnerships are changing.

If you’re single, you enjoy extra courage to make the most of the dating game. If committed, focus on putting your energy towards enhancing your connection. 2011 is a year of doing rather than waiting where love and relationships are concerned, but shifts in relationships are mostly subtle as you find new ways to understand your loved ones.

Make sure to take note of the following key dates:

On February 4 you’re a bundle of energy and rush to take charge in the area of love and romance. Showing your sensitive side to loved ones pays off on February 18 when the Sun links to Neptune. It’s also a good time to trust your intuition when it comes to love. On April 17 your faith in your dreams helps you to take calculated risks in life and love. Think big!

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