Leo and Taurus Love Compatibility

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Leo and Taurus Love Matches

What binds the two of you together is warmth, loyalty and fond adoration for each other. You offer each other a wealth of creativity, and lavishly indulge each other’s taste for the good life. Generosity with gifts, kind sentiments and tender gestures come easily to both of you.

However, conflict shows its head when Leo’s sovereign right to rule the roost clashes with Taurus’s determination to have their own way. Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs, so neither will give an inch. In fact, Leo’s anger escalates when getting challenged, whilst Taurus just becomes more stubborn.

Thrifty Taurus is challenged by your Leo mate’s extravagance. Taurus is cautious and deliberate, and doesn’t understand Leo’s careless spending habits.

Taurus needs constant devotion, but Leo is too self-absorbed to fulfil those needs. With Leo being much more exuberant than Taurus in the bedroom, there are probably just too many personality conflicts for a happy love match here.

Straight Relationships

Leo Man – Taurus Woman

Leo finds Taurus subtle, but accessible while she basks in Leo’s powerful and glamorous glow. Energized by Leo’s strong presence, the Taurus woman stimulates his self-actualization. Between the sheets, Leo appreciates Taurus’s earthy, tactile approach.

Leo Woman – Taurus Man

This turns out to be an interesting union between two stubborn types. The Leo woman is highly ambitious and the Taurus man struggles with emotional inflexibility. The relationship is challenging to sustain, but emotional tension creates exceptional erotic heat.

Gay Relationships

Leo Man – Taurus Man

Life with a Leo seems to promise luxury and Leo appreciates his handsome Taurean Adonis. Friends and family abound, yet you’re intensely loyal to each. Intimacy is sometimes a little self-conscious – and steeped in ritual.

Leo Woman – Taurus Woman

Your biggest challenge in the relationship is to learn to let go and give way. Once you allow your deepest feelings to surface, you can create a loyal union. The two of you often flirt with taking risks and passion is raunchy from day one.

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