Leo and Scorpio Love Compatibility

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Leo and Scorpio Love Matches

There is immediate chemistry between the two of you, but there are many built-in challenges to this relationship. You are both high-powered lovers with stubborn wills. Leo finds it hard to deal with Scorpio’s jealousy and possessiveness. Leo is buoyant and extravagant; Scorpio is intense, smouldering, and short-fused!

Lovers’ quarrels between the two of you remind of the clash of the Titans. Leo roars with fury while Scorpio deals verbal blows that cut to the core. Conflict arises when Leo accuses Scorpio of being temperamental and difficult to please; Scorpio considers Leo pretentious and a show-off. Leo doesn’t get their need for constant admiration met in this union. Scorpio prefers to dominate rather than admire. Once the wrath dies down, you find forgiving salvation between the sheets.

When it comes to making a relationship work, passion isn’t everything. Yet your stubborn and heartfelt devotion to each other can bind you together over the long term. The bottom line is that you find each other intensely fascinating.

Straight Relationships

Leo Man – Scorpio Woman

The pair of you treats life as a feast of experiences. You’re both more comfortable with taking than giving in this union, but your hunger for each other seems insatiable.

Leo Woman – Scorpio Man

Both of you are focussed on success. The Leo woman wants to prove her worth and Scorpio latches on to her credibility. Tempers often flare and conflict is rife. The Scorpio man’s fantasies may be hard-core, but Leo has the potential to fulfil them.

Gay Relationships

Leo Man – Scorpio Man

Your relationship is polarized, with Leo being too sunny and optimistic for Scorpio, and Scorpio lingering too long in emotional darkness for Leo. When it comes to passion and intimacy, you do battle, but Leo is enchanted by Scorpio’s sheer force.

Leo Woman – Scorpio Woman

Leo proves too inflexible for Scorpio, and she may lose interest. Intense passion between the sheets is one way to manage your distress, but in the cold light of day, it’s far more difficult to get along.

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