Leo and Pisces Love Compatibility

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Leo and Pisces Love Matches

The two of you can dream up a steamy romance. Each of you has a flair for drama that keeps this union endlessly engaging and entertaining. The challenge is that there are vast differences in how you view the world. Pisces is unworldly and mystical, while Leo is flamboyant and domineering. Leo’s active, outgoing nature doesn’t complement Pisces’s dreamy introspection.

You’re both more inclined to take than to give, and Leo struggles to empathize with Pisces’s ultra-sensitivity. Leo needs public admiration, while Pisces is happiest living a more sheltered life. Pisces’ sulkiness and Leo’s demands for approval can bring the action to a grinding halt.

The key for a successful relationship between you is to create a healthy give-and-take between being a great audience and being the star. You can both be wonderfully supportive of each other – if you put your own needs on the back-burner for a change.

The intrigue, mystery and excitement is this unity can be a saving grace. However, this is not a match that will easily last the distance.

Straight Relationships

Leo Man – Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is your spiritual barometer, while the Leo man keeps this romance on track and moving ahead. In bed, Pisces captivates as a worthy goddess.

Leo Woman – Pisces Man

The Pisces man is a mystery that Leo is keen to uncover. She pursues with single-minded intensity and in the end, everything goes her way. Lovemaking moves at Leo’s fast pace.

Gay Relationships

Leo Man – Pisces Man

There is a potential for verbal sparring and egos clashing in this duo. If you fall into a pattern of withholding emotionally, nobody wins. In bed, the peace is restored and the two of you shine.

Leo Woman – Pisces Woman

Both of you are romantic and unrestrained. This coupling can be as exhausting as it can be enlivening. Pisces prefers attachment, while Leo craves freedom. Professionally, you’re perfectly suited. In intimacy, Pisces directs fiery Leo.

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