Leo and Leo Love Compatibility

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Leo and Leo Love Matches

Of all loving couples, you easily make the most striking pair. In fact, this relationship has all the potential of a royal mating. When the king and queen are together, heads turn. Playful and full of warmth, you have fun being together. You are both, romantic, passionate, colourful and exuberant about life and love – you also share a libido that is sky high.

You share an active social life, and enjoy creating opportunities to see, be seen and make the scene. Both of you need a tremendous amount of affection and adoration, so much so, that the relationship can become challenged to breaking point if you both focus on your own needs too much. For a successful union, you have to remember the Golden Rule: treat your mate as you would like to be treated yourself. Approval of each other, recognition and encouragement will go a long way to keep the relationship happy.

The main question is this mating is who is going to be in charge? When two large egos fill the same space, you become an interesting combination of grand lovers and furious rivals.

Straight Relationships

Leo Man – Leo Woman

You share a need to shine, but your battle for supremacy ignites glaring problems. At best, you may merge into a supernova, but it’s more likely that conflict will cause you to fall into an emotional black hole. Your saving grace is the passion you share in bed.

Leo Woman – Leo Man

Be prepared for a huge battle of the wills. A shared need to shine exists, which can create ongoing conflict. At best, the two of you merge into a supernova; or disappear into an emotional black hole. In the bedroom, you’re a lusty couple.

Gay Relationships

Leo Man – Leo Man

Two kings sharing one castle can be a challenging match to say the least. There’s a constant battle between you to work out who is boss. There can only be one happy winner, which means one sore loser. If you can put your egos aside and learn the lessons of cooperation and humility, your passion between the sheets may be a saving grace.

Leo Woman – Leo Woman

Two huge egos unite in this relationship to form an elite twosome. This is rarely a casual affair and at best, this couple creates tremendous success for themselves. In intimacy, it’s all about tough love. Passion can be a tad punishing.

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