Leo and Gemini Love Compatibility

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Leo and Gemini Love Matches

The two of you strike it off immediately because you like so many of the same things. You’re both into glamorous parties, theatre, having lots of friends and enjoying the social scene. With Leo’s charismatic warmth and Gemini’s witty way with words, the fun just never seems to end.

Lively, independent Gemini sparks Leo’s joy for life. Your romance is a happy chase after variety and amusement. You’re also the best of friends. Another plus is the passion for learning and gift for teaching that you share. You turn each other on to new, stimulating experiences.

Conflicting demands for freedom and loyalty may cause friction between the two of you. Gemini’s light-hearted approach to life and love may make Leo feel a tad insecure and ignite jealousy. Leo is much more intense than your Gemini love interest. Life together will be stimulating for the two of you, but the future only looks bright if Gemini can manage to stay faithful.

Straight Relationships

Leo Man – Gemini Woman

Gemini dotes on fiery Leo as he evolves into the dream man she always imagined. Chances are that wedding bells will ring before too long. Laughter is your saving grace and passion between the sheets a pleasant bonus.

Leo Woman – Gemini Man

You have so much in common, including an appetite for success and achievement, a generous love of spending, and commitment to family. You allow each other plenty of personal space. You’re highly independent when it comes to intimacy too.

Gay Relationships

Leo Man – Gemini Man

Your love match has the potential of a wonderful partnership, with Leo being smitten with tricky, social Gemini. Gemini may secretly yearn for kinkier sessions in the bedroom.

Leo Woman – Gemini Woman

The two of you invite controversy. You’re playfully at odds in public and in private domestic bliss may elude you. If you don’t quite make it in love, friendship nevertheless blossoms. You’re highly compatible between the sheets.

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