Leo and Cancer Love Compatibility

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Leo and Cancer Love Matches

You are both highly romantic, but in different ways. Leo wants love to be glorious and exciting, while Cancer wants a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. The love you share can arouse great tenderness and concern for each other’s well-being.

Cancer tends to take life a lot more seriously than boisterous Leo. Cancer needs security and tranquillity and is quite happy to be at home. Leo needs to be on display and pursues an active social life. Leo approves of Cancer’s dependency, especially if a little adoration is thrown into the mix. Leo also likes Cancer’s loyalty and intensity. Cancer is fascinated by Leo’s flamboyance.

You tend to be protective of each other with respect to the outside world, but when alone together, you may play like a couple of kids. There is often a parent-child dynamic at play in your union. There are a lot of mixed signals in this relationship.

Straight Relationships

Leo Man – Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman awakens the Leo man’s warm nature. Your union becomes a safe haven to purge emotions. He loves to control the action, but when it comes to intimacy, she teaches him a thing or two.

Leo Woman – Cancer Man

The Cancer man is bright and commanding; Leo confidently holds her own. Both are meticulous about career matters and self-concerns are often sacrificed for the common good. A good compromise is found between tenderness and passion.

Gay Relationships

Leo Man – Cancer Man

There is potential for the two of you to become long-time companions, although Leo may become suspicious of Cancer’s secretive ways. You’re a popular pair and passion between you an affectionate, affirming affair.

Leo Woman – Cancer Woman

This union can be emotionally fulfilling for both of you if you can survive the initial struggle to match your differing energies. There is potential for you to evolve into a loving, long-term coupling. In the bedroom, Cancer submits to passionate Leo’s domination.

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