Leo and Aries Love Compatibility

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Leo and Aries Love Matches

The two of you are the superstars of the zodiac. You’re a well-matched, affectionate pair who gets along marvellously in and out of the bedroom. When it comes to passion, you are an unbeatable combination exuding sheer joy. You enjoy an easy, playful intimacy that flows naturally and instinctively, and may often reach out to stroke and embrace the other – both privately and in public.

Your biggest challenge is the head-on collision that looms when two super-egos clash wills. Each one of you wants to take the lead in the relationship, but your competitive streak and strong wills are likely to win each other’s admiration.

Together you are a highly-spirited, courageous and unbeatable team. Your loyalty to each other is admirable. As long as you shower each other with admiration and attention and learn to share centre-stage, you can have a glorious love-affair.

Straight Relationships

Leo Man – Aries Woman

This can be love at first sight with an easy co-existence between a passionate woman who has found her alpha-male match. Your hot affair quickly becomes committed and happiness is assured if Aries can remain faithful. Ecstasy is a given between the sheets.

Leo Woman – Aries Man

Aries man appreciates the Leo woman’s self-confidence and strength of character. There is a powerful initial attraction, and the relationship maintains the feeling of an exhilarating affair. The two of you also have traditional ethics in common, which lays the foundation for a strong, committed bond.

Gay Relationships

Leo Man – Aries Man

You are both mega-masculine characters who are drawn to each other by your intensely passionate connection. Your union can be highly spiritual too. Together you see life as a game that you are winning and intimacy is super satisfying.

Leo Woman – Aries Woman

The two of you are a warm, optimistic, romantic duo. The Leo woman happily takes on the role of mentor, but may exploit her power of Aries, seeking worship and obedience. Generally, this is a fiery, lusty relationship.

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