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Lapis Lazuli Healing

Today we're going to work with our crystals to do a beautiful lapis lazuli healing meditation. If you have a lapis lazuli stone, then please work with that. But if you don't, then choose any blue stone that holds the energy of inner strength for you. If you don't have any blue stones, find an image of lapis lazuli on the Internet and use that. 

About lapis lazuli

So first, a little bit about lapis lazuli. Its name comes from the Latin 'lapis' (meaning stone) and the Persian word 'lazhuward' (meaning blue). Thanks to its rich blue colour and flecks of gold, it was often worn by royalty in the past. The ancient Egyptians believed the gold flecks were fragments of the stars in the sky, or of the gods themselves! It was also used as a cosmetic in ancient Egyptian times.

Universally, this stone is known to be very grounding. As one of the oldest spiritual gems known to man, it has been used by priests and healers to promote inner wisdom and power. In fact, even the robes of priests or royalty were dyed with the dark blue pigment of ground lapis lazuli. The crystal enhances all forms of knowledge, wisdom, and learning. This stone can help you to study, to love, to find meaning in life, or simply to express yourself as an individual. 

As a protection stone, lapis lazuli blocks psychic attacks. Placed over the third eye, lapis is thought to expand awareness and enhance dream work. It's also said to allow spiritual journeying. 

how to do a lapis lazuli healing meditation

First set an intention for the work you're going to do with your stone. You may want to increase your inner strength and resilience, increase your wisdom, or perhaps express yourself better in communication. 

Hold your stone in your hands (or depending on your intention, place it on the throat chakra or over the third eye). Close your eyes and relax your breathing. Imagine that the air around you fills with the colour of lapis lazuli, tinting the air with its beautiful hues. Breathe deeply and imagine the colour blue fill your body, oxygenate your bloodstream, move and circulate through your body with every breath you take and every beat of your heart. Imbue yourself from head to toe with the healing qualities of lapis lazuli. When you're finished, allow the atmosphere around you to return to its normal state before you head back into your regular routine. 

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