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The Art of Kissing

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Kisses can be innocent, pure, friendly, loving, or intensely passionate. Lovers often say that kissing somebody is more intimate than making love. Ever wondered where the term ‘French kissing’ originated? Credit goes to the Maraichins, from Brittany, France. They invented a technique of kissing where lovers’ tongues caress the inside of each other’s mouths for long periods.

I hope you find the following kissing quotes as delightful as I do.

Kissing Love Quotes

Here are a few kissing quotes that I really like:

‘Some early writing say that when people kiss, they exchange the soul, that it’s between their mouths and tongues that the soul is exchanged. And so the kiss is more of a soulful connection maybe than intercourse and other ways of being together. A kiss asks a lot from you. I think it asks a lot from a person to really kiss.’ –Thomas Moore

'Smile... it's the second best thing to do with your lips.' - Anonymous

'Kissing is like drinking salted water: you drink and your thirst increases.' - Chinese Proverb

'Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other.' -Rene Yasenek

'Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.' - Albert Einstein

'A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.' - Ingrid Bergman

'The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.' -Emil Ludwig

'To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the one who kisses first.' - Janeane Garofalo

'Stolen kisses are always sweetest.' - Leigh Hunt

'In love, there is always one who kisses and one who offers the cheek.' - French Proverb

'There are two things that are more difficult than making an after-dinner speech: climbing a wall which is leaning toward you and kissing a girl who is leaning away from you.' - Winston Churchill

'I wasn’t kissing her, I was whispering in her mouth.' - Chico Marx

'I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing.' - Jonathan Swift

'Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.' - Bernard Meltzer

'A kiss may ruin a human life.' - Oscar Wilde

Best Movie Kisses Quotes

...and on to my favorite movie kissing quotes:

Crash Davis (Kevin Costner): 'I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.' -Bull Durham

Rigby Reardon (Steve Martin): 'My plan was to kiss her with every lip on my face.' -Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

Betty (Yolande Bavan): 'In a relationship there's always one who kisses and one who is kissed.' -Parting Glances

Harris Telemacher (Steve Martin): 'A kiss may not be the truth but it is what we wish were true.' -L.A. Story

Rose Morgan (Barbra Streisand): 'When my date takes me home and kisses me good night, if I don't hear the philharmonic in my head, I dump him.' -The Mirror Has Two Faces

Paul Stephens (Christopher Collet): 'Well I thought we'd start out with kissing, and then we might move onto the fancy stuff.' -The Manhattan Project

Rev. Emmett Williams (Terry Carter): 'Let me kiss thee with the kisses of my mouth, for thy love is better than wine.' -Abby

Danny McGavin: 'You don't want to get laid, man. It leads to kissing and pretty soon you have to talk to them. -Colors

Gary (Thomas Jane): 'Gary dreams about kissing someone so hard his mouth hurts. He dreams about kissing someone so soft his heart hurts, so long his neck hurts, so deep his throat hurts. Gary dreams about kissing someone so completely that nothing hurts.' -The Velocity of Gary

Nicky Duval (Dorothy Lamour): 'It's a treat to be kissed, even goodbye.' -Spawn of the North

Erica (Diane Keaton): 'I'm so glad they still work. I haven't used them for kissing in such a long time, more like for wearing lipstick and whistling.' -Something’s Gotta Give

Norman Thayer (Henry Fonda): 'Wanna dance or would you rather just suck face?' -On Golden Pond

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