How to Save a Relationship

If you feel that helpless feeling of slowly drifting apart, this advice on how to save a relationship will hopefully be just in time. It is possible to create a closer, more loving relationship, but it will take work. And guess what? It's the kind of 'work' anyone with a beating heart will enjoy!

Where did the Love Go?

How to Save a Relationship

Life happens and relationships change. That's a fact of life.

As much as we want to remain happy and intimately connected until the end of our days, life often has different ideas. We get busy and distracted. We start to focus more on our own needs than on our partner's needs and before we know it, the magic has disappeared.

So... can your relationship be saved? Is it possible to get what you want? Yes, but only if you're willing to give - of yourself, of your time, of your attention, of your unconditional regard for the person you're spending your life with. You cannot take the blessing of being in a happy relationship for granted. You cannot allow it to slip away.

So here are five things you can do to make a difference in your love life, starting today.

How to Save a Relationship... with Love

Want to know how to save a relationship the easy way? Life is complicated enough as it is, so I'll try to make it simple for you to bring the love back. If you do the following five things every day, it will make a difference. Slowly but surely, you will reconnect. Don't take my word for it... just be open to trying it. You'll be glad you did!

1. Make eye contact with your partner every day. Eye contact? Really? Yes. How often do you look your partner in the eyes and connect? How often do you bless them with a genuine smile? We're so busy rushing around that we look everywhere but at the people we love the most. Our eyes are on the TV, the food, the landscape that's passing us by, but seldom on our partners. We know how they look, right? Do you still remember those early days in your relationship when you couldn't keep your eyes off each other? When you couldn't get enough of seeing each other? Bring it back. It's hard to connect if you don't look someone in they eyes. And I bet your partner's eyes are beautiful!

2. Tell your partner you love them at least once every day. This one is a no-brainer... and yet, so often we don't do it. We don't find two seconds (because that's literally all it takes) to tell the person we're spending our lives with that we truly, deeply love them - every day. Say it first thing when you wake up in the morning and last thing before you fall asleep at night. The only way to create an atmosphere of love is by affirming it. Day after day after day.

3. Send a loving text message to your partner every day. Let them know you think about them, that you care about them, that you're looking forward to spend time with them. 

4. Give your partner a genuine compliment every day. Everyone likes to feel that they're worthwhile - and especially that they're worthwhile to the people closest to them. If you've been together for a while, it's easy to become lazy. You don't focus on your partner's good points any more; in fact, it's likely that you've fallen into a habit of criticising them. No relationship can survive a constant onslaught of criticism, so if that's the vibe in your home, change it around. If you look deep enough, if you open your heart, you'll remember what attracted you to your partner in the first place. Celebrate that - and let them know that you do.

5. Thank your partner for something every day. Modern life requires a lot from us. It's stressful to make a living. To survive. Whether your partner is in the workforce or a homemaker, they deserve your gratitude for the contributions they make. Find something to express your gratitude for every day, whether they took out the bin or paid a bill or made you a cup of coffee. Appreciation is the backbone of a good relationship - and it's really not that difficult to do.

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