Holistic Healing

Wondering how to achieve holistic healing after a period of significant stress, change or loss?

Seven Steps to Wellbeing

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Follow these steps to achieve physical, transitional, intuitive, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

1. Physical Healing

Ground yourself. If you have been experiencing trauma, chances are that your base chakra may have been affected by your emotional distress. Get back to basics and bring balance back into your life by honestly assessing how well you're eating, and whether you're getting enough exercise and rest. Get outdoors and connect with nature. When healing, it is more important than ever to feel secure in your own body and be as healthy as you can be.

Use your support networks to sustain you. Make sure each person knows what you need. You don't have to travel the journey of inner healing on your own.

2. Transitional Healing

Trauma usually signifies change. It may be very difficult to do, but you can choose to see change as a good thing.

Your transitional wellbeing depends, in part, on the health of your sacral chakra - the energy centre that resonates with the life aspects of abundance, emotional freedom, and the ability to allow change.

Embrace natural healing by committing yourself to open to the process of change. Surrender. Let go of any expectations and attachment to control. Experience the freedom of letting go.

3. Intuitive Healing

Know your boundaries. When your boundaries are crossed, your solar plexus chakra fires into action. This chakra rules the domain of self-confidence, intuition, and your inner sense of self.

It's okay to negotiate and compromise, but if you're denying your own true needs to avoid rejection or keep the peace, you are sending the message that your needs aren't worthy of acknowledgement.

To make boundaries effective and enhance the process of natural healing, consider suitable consequences in response to behaviour that violates your sense of self. Be prepared to carry out those consequences in order to restore your personal power.

4. Emotional Healing

Fall into self-love. When you're struggling to keep your head above water, it's easy to start doubting yourself. Your challenge is to arrive back at a state of unconditional love for yourself and others, which resides in the heart chakra.

The heart chakra rules over the three 'g-forces of love': gratitude, grace and generosity. It is home to compassion, forgiveness, joy and harmony. These all go out of balance when you hold on to guilt, distrust, regret and fear.

It is in your power to choose to step out of fear and into a space of love. When you do, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of harmony as you fall back in love with yourself and extend that sense of unconditional love to others too.

5. Creative Healing

Live your truth. Ensure that your throat chakra is clear by communicating as clearly as you can.

The process of holistic healing is enhanced when you find creative ways to express your thoughts, feelings and desires. Art, poetry and making music are all wonderful paths to inner healing.

6. Mental Healing

Clear the clutter in your own mind. One way to clear the fog that settles over you during periods of stress and trauma includes a re-prioritizing of what is important to you. Anything that is not vital to your wellbeing during times of crisis, is clutter. Take time to only do what absolutely needs to be done.... and rest like you mean it!

7. Spiritual Healing

Simply be. By flowing with life rather than against it, you clear your crown chakra - the energy centre that connects the physical self with the higher consciousness and timeless, divine space of bliss.

Slow down, focus on each day as it comes, and find something to be grateful for every single day.

The process of holistic healing truly makes you a magnet for blessings. By attending to each one of these areas, you can experience for yourself how much lighter and easier your journey becomes.

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