Heart Meditation

Practise this heart meditation to find the peace within.

Finding Inner Peace

Heart Meditation

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Allow your body to relax into a position of comfort and relaxation. Close your eyes and soften your breathing.

Spend a few moments following the breath in your body as you inhale and exhale.

Pay particular attention to tracing your out-breath to its very end. As you relax your breathing, let your whole body soften and relax. With each exhalation, notice the release of tightness and tension.

Now expand your attention to your whole body. Be aware of all the sensations that are arising in it - the pleasant, the unpleasant, and the neutral.

Notice any area of your body that feels uncomfortable, any aches or strains, or any part of your body that has occupied your attention in a painful way.

As you focus on that part of your body, sense what emotions or images might arise. Breathe into it, and just be aware of any feelings of fear, sadness, anger, tightness, or resistance that appear.

Stay with the feelings, and notice if they affect your body in any way. Your breathing might change, your stomach might tighten, or jaw might begin to tense. Take your attention gently, without judgement, directly to any part of your body that is registering your emotion, and make a quiet mental not of what you're experiencing.

As you feel the emotion manifesting in your body, quietly acknowledge it. You might simply say to yourself: 'This is fear,' or 'This is resistance.'

If memories, thoughts, images or judgements begin to flood your mind, gently go back to awareness of your breath.

With compassionate attention, allow yourself to explore the sensation of the emotion in your body. It might strengthen or weaken as you breathe into it. Don't judge it or try to make it go away. Just stay with it and notice what happens.

Sense whether it's possible for you to fully accept what you're feeling just as it is, to make your peace with the discomfort. Ask yourself if it is possible for you to welcome and make peace with these emotions. Do this until you feel a sense of calmness and inner peace.

When you're ready, open your eyes and gently come out of the posture.

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