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Did you know there are healing crystals for Scorpio to balance your positive and negative qualities?

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You are ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, transformation and sex. You are an intense, magnetic and resilient creature. Your negative qualities incloude stubbornness and vindictiveness, and forgiveness is not something that comes easily to you.

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* The Scorpio Personality

Healing Crystals

Obsidian is an extremely powerful stone reserved only for those with your quality of strength. It exposes your negative traits, but also helps you to eliminate flaws such as hard-headedness. Obsididan stimulates growth by dispersing constricting beliefs. It urges you to explore new vistas, which can be something of a challenge for fixed signs.

Topaz has soothing and empathic qualities that promote truth, compassion, openness and trust. Its vibrant energy also heightens feelings of optimism, abundance, joy and generosity. It also benefits your reproductive organs, which is a vulnerable body part for Scorpios.

Garnet is another stone that helps to dissolve ingrained ideas. It releases old habits that lead to self-sabotaging behaviour. It's also ideal for balancing your sex drive by creation passion or serenity when desired.

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