Healing Crystals for Gemini

Did you know there are healing crystals for Gemini to balance your positive and negative qualities?

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The Gemini Personality

You thrive on mental stimulation and as an Air sign, you're good at multi-tasking. Overstimulation can sometimes become a problem when you juggle too much at once and your energy becomes too frantic. This sometimes leaves you feeling irritable and scattered. You have a tendency to emotionally disconnect as you're so highly cerebral.


* The Gemini Personality

Healing Crystals

Calcite has calming properties and can assist you in restoring focus and clear decision-making at times when you're feeling frenetic. It improves the ability to assimilate and retain information. Blue calcite in particular facilitates clear communication. It also soothes the nervous system, which is the body part assocated with Gemini.

Apophyllite is also a stone with soothing qualities that may help in reducing stress. It will help you to connect with your true self, create decisiveness, and reduce mental blockages.

Agate is perfect for balancing your emotions at times that you feel emotionally disconnected. It has grounding qualities and at the same time it will help you in the practical application of bright ideas. Dendrite agape aids perseverance and will help you to stay centred amid confusion.

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