Healing Crystals for Cancer

Did you know there are healing crystals for Cancer to balance your positive and negative qualities?

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The Cancer Personality

As a member of the Water family, you have a highly sensitive nature. You are sentimental and love nostalgic strolls down memory lane; however, you can sometimes get too attached to the past. Your challenge is to flow with life rather than getting stuck in past resentments.


* The Cancer Personality

Healing Crystals

Moonstone is the crystal of new beginnings and is perfect to break old holding patterns, help you come to terms with the past, and release what does not serve you anymore. Moonstone’s stabilizing qualities settle your mood swings, help you manage emotional triggers and prevent you from over-reacting to challenging situations. Physically, moonstone balances the hormonal system and heals conditions associated with one of your most vulnerable body parts, the stomach.

Rhodonite has nurturing properties that will help you maintain or regain emotional equilibrium. It helps to release past hurts, anger, frustration, and resentment.

Tourmaline and especially pink tourmaline eliminates self-doubt and bolsters self-confidence which helps to eliminate fear and hesitancy. It also attracts prosperity and empowers you to let go of a victim-stance.

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