Healing Crystals for Aries

Did you know there are healing crystals for Aries to balance your positive and negative qualities?

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The Aries Personality

As an energetic fire sign ruled by the action planet Mars, you are typically confident, enthusiastic, and super motivated. Unfortunately, under pressure, the best Aries traits can manifest as selfishness, impulsiveness, or even aggression. This can lead to poor decision making and hasty words. The following crystals can balance these qualities and enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


* The Aries Personality

Healing Crystals

Jasper has nurturing and stabilizing qualities that can absorb any negativity and assist you in staying grounded by balancing your yin- and yang energy. Jasper can also help you with managing conflict in a determined, courageous, and assertive way.

Aventurine equalizes the male-female energies to keep anger, impatience and irritability in check. On a health level, aventurine is the ideal crystal to strengthen the body and restore well-being in body parts associated with Aries, for example the head, circulation and blood cells. Aventurine also stabilizes blood pressure and relieves headaches.

Kunzite increases humility, selflessness, and unconditional love by producing loving thoughts and words. This can be particularly helpful to you as you tend to be more than a little self-absorbed at times. That said, you remain one of the most generous signs in the zodiac.

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