Heal your Heart

If you have ever been hurt by love, you need to heal your heart to be open to the abundant spiritual gifts the universe has to offer you. So here's a question for you:

How's your heart?

Open your Heart

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Last night I watched an Oprah interview with Keith Urban, country star and husband of Nicole Kidman. Keith told Oprah how one day, at the start of his relationship with Nicole, they were sitting on a park bench and he asked her, ‘how’s your heart?’ Nicole said, ‘Open. My heart is open.’ He told Oprah how that answer surprised him and how it made him question the state of his own heart.

I love Nicole’s answer. Long after the interview I was still reflecting on what it means to have an open heart. It also made me wonder what answer I would have given if somebody asked me the same question. I guess the state of my heart has been ever-changing over the years. At various times in my life it has been vulnerable, loving, wounded, trusting, frightened, open, closed, filled with sunshine, drowning in sorrow, and everything in between.

Living with an open heart is different from living with a closed one. Hearts close because of fear – the fear of being hurt. A closed heart may protect you from pain but it shuts out love too. An open heart is receptive to the abundant spiritual gifts that the universe has to offer – not only in love, but in joy, peace, faith – or whatever your heart desires.

The first step to heal your heart is simply to be aware that somewhere along the line, you allowed it to close. The second step is to trust your own resilience - to know in your heart of hearts that even if you do get hurt again, you will survive it. And lastly... open yourself to love.

So let me ask you this, my friend... Where is your heart still closed?

Everything happens, just your heart has to be ready to receive it. Everything comes, but if your heart is closed... the secret laws of life are such that the doors of your heart will not even be knocked upon. ~ OSHO

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