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Are you in love with haiku poems? Almost nothing makes my heart sing quite like this sublime form of poetry.

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What is Haiku?

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Haiku poetry is a traditional form of Japanese poetry, usually about nature. They contain a special pattern made up of seventeen syllables: line 1-five syllables, line 2-seven syllables and line 3-five syllables.

Japanese poets use what is known as a 'saijiki' or season word almanac to look up the seasonal association for key words that they use in a haiku. Simple phrases such as 'falling leaves' may express loss, loneliness or regret, while 'cherry blossoms' with its sense of spring may refer to innocence or love. Haiku poets try to come up with the perfect words to convey images that spark the emotions they wish to communicate.

Haiku doesn't have to be serious. When there is a comic element to it, traditionalists refer to them as 'senryu'.

One of the best known examples of classic haiku translates into this (the haiku pattern as described above can be observed in its original Japanese form):

old pond . . .
a frog leaps in
water’s sound

Contemporary Haiku Poems

Today there is a thriving community of haiku poets worldwide. Modern haiku tends to be free form. One of the delights of having a Twitter account is the wonderfully creative haiku poems that fill my Twitter stream on a daily basis. The ones that catch my eye are usually short love poems. I applaud these creative souls and hope you enjoy the examples of haiku poems that I have selected from Twitter:

Short Love Poems

Your words touch my heart
whispers of truth reflections
with fingers of love

by @purelovenergy

Soul shining naked
flowing of lightness and love
aligned in being

by @purelovenergy

Love is not complex
it demands an absent mind
and a present heart

by @Tobuno

Her dress spills open
sudden flash of silk and skin
sensual simplicity

by @ChainOfWords

Fingertips grazing
where the circlet of lace meets
the soft warmth of skin

by @ChainOfWords

Your body arched
taut and trembling like a bow
I, the archer

by @ChainofWords

river in your eyes
i will follow its long path
time can forgive us

by @HaikuSocial

Heavenly torture
I smell you but can't touch you
Still I breathe you in...

by @Wingpoem

still filled with water
her vase of wilted roses
and his unread card

by @NotOneNotTwo

savoring the trace
of your taste; lingering honey
dancing on my tongue

by @nibblesandbits

In my darkest hour
Love's warm illumination
a cosmic night-light

by @dragonheartsong

Sheets of flame cascade
Across intertwining limbs
As lovers combust

by @urbancrafter

slow exploration.
I love how you blush when I
tell you what I want

by @urbancrafter

Too fearful to love
heart snaps in two like a twig
burn it as kindle.

by @urbancrafter

Rumble in my heart
Tumble in the dark with me
And may time stand still

by @Abeeliever

Tender caresses
cascading silky tresses
first Love, Life blesses

by @Tipperay

A kiss from your lips,
Wine-dark, intoxicating,
Steals my breath away.

by @Yojinbo

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