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Use these romantic gift ideas for her as inspiration to make her special day unforgettable!

Romantic Gift Ideas for Women

Jewellery for Her

When buying a romantic gift for a woman, keep in mind that little things mean a lot. It's often not so much about the gift itself as it is about the care you've taken to show her how much you care. Pay close attention to the subtle signals that she gives you through-out the year to help you choose the perfect gift. Did she mention a particular artist or author to you? What is her favorite colour? Don't buy gifts at the last minute. Plan ahead, go out of your way, and have fun in the process!

* Nothing equals romance quite as much as perfume... you could almost say it is romantic love distilled into a bottle. If you really want to go the extra mile, have a special perfume custom-made for your one-in-a-lifetime woman. Match the fragrance to her personality... is she summery and joyful, sophisticated and alluring, or sensual and sexy? Alternatively, get a whole 'family of products' in the fragrance of her favorite perfume (bath powder, soaps, cremes, and candles).

* A coupon book is a lovely gift idea for her. Buy one or create one yourself, with coupons for anything from an evening off from cooking dinner, 'breakfast in bed', a foot massage after a long day of work, to winning the next argument.

* When buying romantic gifts for women, keep their hobbies and interests in mind. A thoughtful gift may be a special rose plant if she loves gardening, tickets to an opera or an accessory for her camera if she's a keen photographer.

* It's hard to go wrong with flowers. For flower-lovers and art-lovers alike, give her a special botanical illustration that's personalized with your message or a love quote in calligraphy.

* Tickets to a romantic comedy - even if you hate them.

* Cook for her. Packing a romantic picnic can be fun!

* Don't forget experiences. A romantic getaway creates memories that will never be forgotten!

* A DVD of her favorite movie.

* A book of love poetry.

* A voucher for a day at a beauty-spa.

* Woo her with her favorite chocolates, roses, and a bottle of champagne. Surprise her by pausing on the porch, ringing the doorbell, and greeting her with a lingering kiss.

* A gift of lingerie is enticing and sexy.

* Jewellery is always welcome - and remember, bigger is not necessarily better. Quality is what counts. Consider a diamond cut into a heart shape, or drape a pearl neclace around a teddy bear's neck.

* Anything as long as it surprises her.

Remember, never ever give a gift without wrapping it. Get extra-beautiful wrapping paper and fancy bows (or let the store do it for you).

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