The Gemini Woman in Love

Want to know more about the Gemini woman in love?

The Gemini Woman in Love

Gemini women are usually very uninhibited and don’t care who knows it. You love to show-case your passionate nature. After all, Gemini is a masculine sign and this is evident in your approach to romance. You enjoy the chase, seduction and flirting, and you’re quite happy to take the lead when it comes to intimacy.

’The Gemini woman can be a wanton tease. You enjoy pursuit, seduction and flirting.’

Your romances have a touch of the casual and you know how to create a workable balance between friendship and passion. There is a part of you that wants security, but the stronger part needs novelty, variety and stimulation. It would suit your lovers well to keep your dual nature in mind when trying to figure you out!

Your style is simple but classic. You prefer solid, muted colours, as well as black and white. You look stunning in a little black dress, while pale blue often suits your complexion.

You can have two lovers at the same time, but preferably in different cities. Your secret fantasy is to be a smoldering and languorous femme fatale, but in real life you lack the patience and the time!

You have a deep appreciation for interesting men. You’re inclined to be restless and changeable and you have high standards and expectations. To keep your interest, a man has to fulfil all your needs – mentally, emotionally and sexually.

In the arms of the right companion, you are a devoted companion and faithful lover; in short, an all-seasons charmer. Underneath all the different masks you wear, there is a solid, enduring person who show her real face when she’s in love.

You may become quite jealous and possessive, but your brilliance and vivacity more than makes up for any shortcomings.

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