Gemini Tattoos

When choosing Gemini tattoos, consider that Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, the first air sign and the first human sign, the sign of the twins.

Gemini Zodiac Symbol

Gemini Tattoo Design

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The more insight you have in the Gemini zodiac symbol, the easier it will be to choose a Gemini tattoo that is exactly right for you.

Like the other air signs, Gemini is a people person. None of the other air signs has any animal symbolism. In line with your sociable, friendly and outgoing nature, the twins are a human symbol.

You can choose any design that depicts communication. Gemini is the sign of language and words. Also keep in mind that as the third sign of the zodiac, the number three is significant.

Lastly, learn more about Gemini's gods and myths for ideas.

Gemini's Gods and Myths

Gemini's chief god is Mercry / Hermes. Mercury was a trickster, but he was very wise too. Credited with inventing the alphabet, numbers, music and astronomy, he was also the protector of merchants, travellers and thieves.

On the day he was born, Mercury invented and learned to play the lyre. On the same day he angered Apollo by stealing his cows. Even though Mercury denied having taken them, Apollo suspected hi right away. He forgave him, however, due to being so charmed by gift of music.

Of course, the most well-known symbol for Gemini is that of the twins. There are many stories involving twins where one is good and the other evil (think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). To the Greeks, the twins were the mortal Castor and immortal Polydeuces (also known by his Roman name, Pollux). Pollux insisted on sharing his immortality with his brother when Castor was killed, and thereafter, the twins alternated between the realm of the gods and the Underworld.

Examples of Zodiac Tattoos for Gemini

Gemini Tattoos

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