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Gemini in Love

The basis for any loving and intimate relationship is to keep the communication channels open. Fortunately for you, Gemini, interaction comes naturally to you. It’s built into your personality to want to exchange ideas and feelings with your partner and soul mate. As an Air sign, you sometimes have a tendency to filter your feelings through your mind and to let your head overrule your heart.

You find it easy to connect with people generally and you make friends easily. However, if truth be told, the idea of commitment tends to scare you a little. You are at your happiest when you’re free and independent. When you do commit, you do best with a partner that allows you plenty of space to grow as an individual. You find it particularly challenging to stay true to the responsibilities of a committed relationship once the day-to-day grind sets in and it would take a very special type of person to give you the independence you need to balance out the duties of being married.

With your versatile personality, ‘variety’ is your middle name. Sticking to one relationship can be challenging to you, because you love to explore the world, meet other people and try different things. You view this as a way to expand your mind. If a relationship is going to work for you, it would be with someone who would like to experience life in the same way.

To you, true love means being free enough to express yourself on all levels – intellectually, physically and emotionally. Because your mind is such a dominant part of your being, it’s likely that creative visualization and fantasy will play an important role in your love life. You love to share your sensual desires with the person you love.

Ideally, your soulmate will understand and encourage your diverse interests and high ambitions. You dream of having a partner that supports your ideals and life goals. On the challenging side, you tend to be quite cynical when it comes to love, and even if you don’t mean to cause hurt, unleashing your critical side can make your lover withdraw in self-protection.

You usually have your lover’s best interests at heart and genuinely want to help them grow and live fulfilling lives. Keep in mind that not everyone is as intelligent as you. Make sure that you communicate as much on a feeling level as a mental level to keep your partner satisfied.

You are a loyal, passionate and exciting person to be with, and the energy you bring to the relationship is remarkable. Once you consider someone worthy of your affection, you’re willing to sacrifice a great deal for them. As long as your lover can fulfil your desire for variety and novelty, you can hang in there for the long haul.

Your restlessness makes it hard for you to settle down and make a long-term commitment.

Tips for Gemini Relationships

• Be aware of the need to be more in touch with your instinctive feelings. Take note of your thoughts, but remember that the language of your heart is just as important as the language of your mind.

• Be open to commitment with the right partner.

• If you want a good balance between intimacy and freedom, there has to be a high degree of trust in the relationship. If you commit yourself fully, make sure that your lover can depend on your loyalty.

• Keep your cynical, critical, and sarcastic side in check when communicating in love.

• Be careful not to impose your views and opinions on your lover in the extreme. Try listening more to know how your partner is reacting to what you have to say.

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